Jake’s new ride.

This weekend, Jake went on the best walk he’s had in six-months! He hopped right into his Maserati stroller buggy and rode around like a boss.  Melvin didn’t even flinch, it was like he’d been walking next to wheels his whole life. Best part…every walk since has been even better (most of that having to do with the driver getting better about pushing one dog and walking the other!)!

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True to who I am, I left a full-page of written notes for anyone who clips Jake into the buggy.  He get’s attached to his harness within/to the buggy then he gets clipped to the leash on his harness AND his collar.  Safety first people, safety first!  The buggy does not change the fact that we are still walking Jake the hunter.

20 thoughts on “Jake’s new ride.

  1. You are just the best dog mom ever! God Bless You for your kindness and love for those boys! (I kinda wish someone would push me around on our walks!)

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Love your new ride, Jake — it’s like it’s always been.

    Question, do you still walk Jake at all and then just put him in when he’s tired? I feel like still getting some walks would be beneficial for his legs?? (Obviously, I’m sure you have spoken to your vet about this– you have him on speed dial right?)

    • Yes! He only rides on walks since it’s a concrete jungle. He actually does really great on grass and can ever run at times since even if he knuckles or drags in grass, he doesn’t get scraped up. After every walk, it’s Jake time in the back yard and he gets lots of exercise (well as much wonky can do in any given day!)! I tried keeping him in the grass on walks but he always migrates to the sidewalk, so…

      • I knew you would already know that!! That’s great! Even though I hate that Jake’s body isn’t cooperating, I would love to see him running around like that – I bet it’s a chuckle.

  3. I knew it! i knew Jake would take to his stroller right away. Nothing better than to watch his neighborhood from his luxury ride (mom doing the pushing of course!)

  4. What we do for our fur kids 🙂 He looks quite comfy 🙂 I swear my girl Sasha liked her cart as well, she always looked very comfortable in it. I miss being able to take her out in it.

    Hugs to Jake!

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