Our first throw-back.

We have had a rough ride (nothing to do with the stroller!) this week.  Melvin man has seemly gone from 9 to 89 in one week.  We’ve been at the vet every day and are trying a round of Doxy to see if it is a flare-up of his mysterious tick born disease that struck-him-down similarly about two years ago.

So this week, as we try to get Melvin back to his actual age, I’m re-posting two popular entries that I get asked about a lot.  Both have to do with Melvin man!

First, the post about my Grandfather’s dog, Prissy, and what it taught me about dog love. This post happens to be our most clicked on post. HERE.

And then, the post about Melvin’s aging and how I try to always embrace each day of it. HERE.

Go ahead, click and throw-back with us!

9 thoughts on “Our first throw-back.

  1. Loved revisiting these two beautiful posts, and here’s hoping that Mr. Melvin is feeling much, much better very soon. You’ve already paid for enough vet vacations, and pools, and cars, and children’s tuition, and . . . . 🙂

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