This is your brother. This is your brother on drugs.

Melvin had a crappy weekend/week.  He couldn’t get his body up, he couldn’t get his body down. Steps were a challenge. Sunday night he moaned and whimpered.  I somehow managed to get him in bed with me.  While i think it was a painful move for him, he fell right to sleep once with me. Come Monday morning, we were off to the vet.

X-rays showed spinal arthritis and hip dysplasia — both moderate. X-ray also showed an enlarged spleen. Back into the car (getting him in and out of the car was torture on him and he cried due to pain) to go get an ultrasound.  Since he was in such discomfort, they gave him a shot of pain medication before doing the ultrasound.

When they called me back to give me the results, they put us in the room with the candles and the rug — uh, no thank you!  I would rather be given the results in the parking lot.

Kidneys, bladder, gallbladder and stomach looked ok. They couldn’t get a view of the liver (which would have been preferred but oh well).  His spleen is big, way too big.  You can see it sticking out on outside of his belly. There goes Melvin, and his side-car spleen.  Although there were no signs of tumor (this made me feel better about being put in ‘the room’) there was lack of any definition between the spleen and his stomach.  They are looking into what that could be about.

While his spinal arthritis and hips could have caused some discomfort, it is unlikely it would come on so sudden and be as severe.  So, we decided to rule in tick born disease (not hoping for – just ruling it in over something even more serious).  This is not the first time tick disease has been suspected in Melvin but it is the first time since the US has started experiencing a shortage of Doxycycline.  That means I had to make a lot of phone calls and had to trade-in my car to pay for it!

The pain shot they gave him made him high as a flippen kite.  No, wait, higher, it made him Jupiter.  He didn’t like it one bit. He would just stand there confused and then his hind legs would start dropping and he’d panic and start walking and bump into stuff. He was dizzy.  He wouldn’t even take a treat, I’m not sure he could even see the treat.  Jake was mesmerized by this version of Melvin and apparently, high Melvin smells even more delicious. Video below.

Jake stood guard over his brother. 4 25 14


Jupiter. 4 25 14a


I think they were trying to spell something!4 25 14b

It seems like Melvin is improving on the Doxy so we are going to continue it.  I will update on Monday once we know for sure!  Happy weekend!!!!


25 thoughts on “This is your brother. This is your brother on drugs.

  1. I hate that you are going through this! We have all our paws crossed that the Doxy starts being EXTRA effective and the Melvin man is back to his usual self prior to Monday (sorry, Jake – take in that druggy smell while you can!). Perhaps Melvin felt he wasn’t getting enough attention because Jake got a new buggy? Maybe you need a double buggy? We’ll be keeping you in our thoughts!!

    • It’s so funny (not ha ha) but I thought, OMG, I need a double buggy since Melvin’s issues took a nose dive the day the buggy arrived! I am not sure the sidewalk is big enough for that buggy! Hopefully his legs continue to improve cause he needs to be my walking dog!

  2. Saying some extra prayers for your big guy! We have been through something similar with one of our Labs. Of course, they still try to do all the same things they do when they’re “normal” so it’s hard to keep them quiet. We have a Jack Russell who needs meds for anxiety regularly (wind makes him nuts………hey, we’re in the Midwest!) and my Sissy takes full advantage of his somewhat muddled behavior. Never miss an opportunity to steal food, treat or a toy! Hope things improve soon!

  3. I “liked” this post – but I don’t really. I don’t like the thought of Melvin being sick. But I’m glad Jake is taking care of things. We’re all praying for you here at the 7 Acre Wood.

  4. Poor sweet Melvin. What a good brother he has to keep watch over him. I’m sorry you all have to go through this. I am sending extra puppy love over from Paris. (Where people can bring their dogs into dinner restaurants, btw. I dined next to a toy poodle tonight. Neither of us were bothered by each other.)

  5. Oh man, not happy to hear of Melvin’s woes. Scary stuff. I do hope he’s feeling better and recovers quickly. Sending him the “power of the paw” and all good vibes.

  6. So, so sorry to hear Melvin is in pain, the second pic was so sad. Melvin laying on his bed and poor Jake looking concerned like “will he be alright Momma?” You know, im sure this too will go away and Jake will keep loving, guarding and smelling his big brother for a long time.

  7. So sorry you are going through health issues with the pooches, it can be hard and take a toll on ya. As hard as it is sometimes, stay positive. Sending best wishes, hugs, and kisses for the fur babies.

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