Oh Melvin.

The first few months with Melvin, no words were said more than….

Oh Melvin.

They were (unfortunately) often said with a negative tone, with disappointment, sometimes followed by an exclamation point. There were plenty of times they were sad with laughter, probably suggesting that madness had finally set in. Always following him doing something he most certainly should not have done. Oh Melvin.  Oh Melvin.  Oh Melvin! I had to break the cycle.  His name being said should be positive, joyful, loving.  Especially since Melvin was the name that I gave him, he shouldn’t learn his name while being corrected.

One night when I was laying with him, the following song came out (you will note that I didn’t go into lyric writing as a profession for a reason) and I now sing it to him regularly. It was the moment ‘Oh Melvin’ changed course to be positive, optimistic and eventually, the name of the blog.

Oh Melvin, into my life you came.Oh Melvin, no day is ever the same.  Oh Melvin, Max is our angel up above.  Oh Melvin, to you I give my love.

I sing this to him (my singing voice happens to be better than my mad lyric skillz) almost nightly.  And I celebrate who he was back then as much as I’m thankful for who he is now.  There couldn’t be one without the other.

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  1. How sweet! I do like the song 🙂 I used to sing to Sasha ALL the time. I’d sing along to songs on the radio, sing lyrics, or invent some. I miss singing to her and dancing with her.

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