The princess and the pea.

Jake’s hind leg issues follow him into the night.  Sometimes, he wakes up and he’s… pottied.  This is less about his broken pooper (it is what it is) and more about the solution which was for me to nurture my obsession with buying dog beds to buy a few extra beds so that if one had to go into the laundry in the middle of the night, another one was ready to go for his condo.

I would say he wakes me up three times a week to perform middle of the night housekeeping.  Once alerted, I let him out of the condo, collect the dirty bedding, put it in the washer, get the bleach wipes, clean the condo and then put fresh bedding in.  Then I return Jake (who has usually already fallen back to sleep next to me) back inside. I’ve got it down to about five minutes. Not too shabby.

The clean beds are currently just stacked in the spare bedroom.  This seems to confuse Jake who will go into the spare room, stare at the beds, then go into our bedroom and over to his condo and look inside.  When he see’s there is a bed in the condo also, he will go back to the pile of beds.  This is apparently very exhausting for him, so he will climb the pile of beds and take a nap.

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I am certain Jake didn’t have comfortable beds in his former life.  In fact, the rescue group sent his lifelong bed with Jake.  There was nothing comfortable about this bed, I didn’t even want to take it but I did just in case he needed something familiar during his first days with us.  So now, I love seeing him on his pile of beds — in fact it often makes me sing…”movin on up, to the top…’!

Stay tuned for the newest of the beds.  I’ll post about them later this week!

11 thoughts on “The princess and the pea.

  1. Jake is adorable!

    And wow, the things we do for our fur-kids. What you are going through makes me think of all that my husband and I did for our girl Sasha. I won’t get into that here, but I’d happily do all that we were doing for her and more so that she could be with us again.

    Where is Melvin in all this? Soundly snoring?! 🙂

    • Sweet Sasha. I know what you mean, when Max died, I even missed changing his diaper! I can say now, six years later, I probably don’t miss that part — just him; Melvin is snoozing somewhere, thinking ‘what a dork my little brother is’.

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