Running man.

Even though Jake now polices the hood in his buggy, the boy still gets his run on. In grass is where most of the magic happens. You see, in the grass, he can run while knuckling, no harm done!.  In grass, he can drag his legs behind him when he gets tired, no bloody stumps, just some grass stains. When Jake is on asphalt or concrete or brick (the patio) he’s wobbly and you can tell that each step hurts.  But in the grass, in the grass he is free!  It’s like his version of Cocoon.

So I give you in video, Jake running.  Sure, as the day wears on, the less he can do.  Some days, his legs don’t work much at all.  But if he is having uptime, I get him outside to run, run, run!

Also, if Melvin’s dopey run with floppy ears does not make you laugh, you may want to check your pulse! — and you can tell by this video that Melvin is on the mend!  The Doxy is killing all that nasty tick venom and my boy is BACK!!!! Wohooooooo!


13 thoughts on “Running man.

    • He has ridiculous upper body strength. He can now pull himself up onto the couch using only his front paws, like a modern ‘chin up’. I want to get it on video! I am convinced that one day he will be able to walk on on his front legs only.

  1. Jake looks great, love Jake’s “gimme cookie” face at the end. 🙂
    I could almost hear “derp a derp a derp” when Melvin was running, he’s so darn cute!

  2. Aww, both look so happy! Melvin looks free, and Jake is just adorable. Did I see his leg go to the side on the last video? It made me think of Loca The Pug who can’t run. Even watch the video of her, its hilarious!

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