Melvin would like to thank the academy.

A few months back, I got a request from our buddy Anthony over at Istrico Productions. (Stop what you are doing now and go over and like their page cause they are beyond like- worthy and crazy talented!)  So anywho… Anthony wanted to know if Melvin would be free to cameo in a Public Service Announcement (commercial) for the government (Selective Services).  This is what I heard:  “Can Melvin be the STAR of a commercial that has nothing to do with dogs and subsequently win an Academy Award?”.  Hell to the yes!  I was meant to be a stage mom, all of our dreams were coming true at once!

So we went to the shoot and we got crazy enjoyment worked really hard.  Anthony was there, as was his oh-so-incredible team including Nora and J$ (aka: J-money, aka: Jared). Jake even came along.  Jake’s primary responsibility was to love on Nora, real hard.  He took his job very seriously.

Melvin did great!!!  I mean I know the spot has a main message that is serious and very important… but when I watch it, all I get is ‘whoa, what an adorable dog, where can I get me one of those!?’!  Also, I appreciate that the government is an equal-opportunity-employer who openly accepted my tail-less wonder!

Thank you to all things Istrico, including but not limited to Anthony, Nora, J$ and one awesome mother-in-law!  Also our thanks go to the actor (he was so wonderful!!!) and the fabulous director!

Without further delay, I give you Melvin’s motion picture PSA debut!



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  1. How cool is it that your pooch is a celebrity?! When Sasha was still here, I used to say I slept with a celebrity every night, ha-ha!

    What’s next for Mr. Melvin?!

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