How to mend a day.

I had a crappy day last week.  Everything that could go wrong at work, did.  And then some.  I came home feeling defeated and worrying how I could fix it all the next day.

The dog walker leaves notes every day, about how the boys did and whether they ‘went’. On that crappy day, I came home to this… and all was beautiful again.


In case you can’t read the latest entry: Cooler today!  Melvin happy!  Your boys are so well-behaved! It’s truly a joy to see them every day!  You should feel proud – you’ve done a good job! 🙂

This (my real job) work matters most!  Yay us!

17 thoughts on “How to mend a day.

  1. Just reading your blog about Melvin and Jake can turn a bad day at the office into a good day. You guys bring lots of joy to a lot of people’s lives. Thanks for letting us into your world!

  2. I love this! It’s always nice to hear you’re doing something right when life keeps handing you crap, am I right? I’m glad you got this pick-me-up on a crappy day!

  3. Aww, that is so sweet. It’s always nice to receive compliments such as these. Glad everything is OK, I was wondering where your posts were 🙂

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