Siriusly Addicted.

Three years ago, Melvin had one collar.  Our life was happy, but there was also a sadness (in the general area of accessorizing). I knew we had to make a change.  I mean one collar?  That is borderline abusive.

Today, Melvin has a collar collection that is museum worthy.  When Jake came, I obviously needed to catch him up on his own collection.  I mean, it would be hurtful not to.  Funny story there, I bought Jake a bunch of collars and then his neck went through a growth spurt, so now I am slowly replacing each collar that is too tight for his giant waddle.

Let me first explain that when I say collars, I mean Sirius Republic collars.  We have a monogamous relationship with SR.  We are not swingers.

So here’s the thing.  I’m addicted – but don’t send help.  If you want to send something, send ideas for the next Sirius Republic collar they most definitely don’t need will be getting!  We have thirty collars so far (this does not include bow ties, or leashes or snoods).  When I was taking the photos, I realized a couple of collars were in the wash (and two are in use).  I could have gotten them but I think these photos do the addiction plenty of justice.  On this one thing in life, we never ‘just say no’. (We have that same philosophy about wine).

photo 2 photo 1 photo[1] photo[2] photo 2 photo 1

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  1. I have zero SR collars. I know. I’m an unfit dog owner. Obviously, no special occasion is needed for accessorizing, but nonetheless my plan is to commemorate Baxter’s first gotchaversary with a SR collar. Any recommendation as to what model your boys prefer?

    • We were you once! It happens to the best people. I get martingale for both boys, Jake’s neck waddle is seriously so epic that he needs a looser collar option to travel over it comfortably (and he wears a harness to walk so the collar is really just for his tags, which I am sort of freak about them always wearing). Melvin has sensitive skin so again, the martingale works best for him too in terms of giving him some room in it. Just for reference, most of Melvin’s are 2 inches wide and Jake’s are 1 inch. And while majority of ours are canvas (washable, yay!), the leather collars are worth the investment. They are even more gorgeous as they age.

  2. It’s like looking in the window of the candy store! I love that collection and am (ahem) Siriusly in awe. We are collar floozies in that we purchase from a variety of great collar vendors but Julius still is very much behind Ray in his collection.

  3. I love surfing SR website… and I’m not even in the US – – … been thinking of getting Donna one. One question about the martingale collar. Donna’s martingale collar comprise a band with a metal chain. Jake’s and Melvin’s appear to be all canvas, any reason why you prefer that?

    • Both of them get ‘hung up on stuff’. I don’t know how it happens but Jake will get his dew claw stuck in just about anything. Melvin is also afraid of metal hitting metal noise. So the chain version either catches a dew claw or bangs against the bowl when Melvin is eating. We have neither of those problems with the fabric version.

      • Thanks for explaining, I was wondering if the canvas ones would not loosen as easily as the chain e.g. when the dog stops pulling.

  4. They most definitely need the Ninja Turtle collars…I’m debating ordering one for Miss Widget as my husband says all her collars are too girly (except for the SR Jaws one!)…

    • I agree!!! My current favorite collar of theirs, which they happen to be wearing is the the robots collar. I love that it is lighter colored and I feel the Turtles one is similar in that aspect. Let’s get them and they can all be twinsies!

  5. Hannah’s Cape Cod is wearing out – time for a shopping spree!

    Since you mentioned tags: do you have an easy way you transition them from collar to collar? I guess I’m kind of lazy, but I also don’t use multiple bags/purses in a season because of the trouble to transfer the stuff from one to another anytime I go out. Help? 🙂

  6. OMG, I am borderline an abusive dog mom. My pups only have 1 collar each. Well Alli has 2, and that is because I won a SR collar and decided to get her a pink camouflage one which suits her very well.

    I’ve considered getting other ones, but just have not done so yet. Plus now I’d feel guilty for not getting Sasha a different collar.

    Very nice collection your boys (you) have 🙂

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