Our PSA: Ticks suck.

A month ago, Melvin woke up one day and could barely get up.  He moaned when he moved.  He tired quickly, sometimes while we were still in the driveway, just starting our walk.  Had old age set in over night?  We’d seen it before — it was some sort of issue from some stupid tick.

Melvin has pretty much had every test and procedure known to dog.  We have had him tested for tick borne disease and the test come back negative (Jake on the other hand came to us with Ehrlichia) .  But both the neurologist and the regular vet feel Melvin’s results are misleading.  While he might not have one of the big four tick borne diseases, he most definitely has one of the many tick borne disease they have not discovered yet.  In fact, the neurologist told me there are hundreds of tick born diseases out there, that affect dogs every day, they just haven’t classified them all yet.

Enter Doxycycline.  We used it last time Melvin had the flare-up and we tried it again this time.  The difference is last time it was about $20 a week and this time it was $180 a week.  Treatment is four weeks, minimum.  But you know what, who cares!  When your dog can’t walk and he moans to move, well I try to think of what I wouldn’t do to help, and  there is really nothing on that list.  I’ll move heaven and earth (or pay a lot of money) to help him.

Melvin finished his first round of Doxy this week.  If the symptoms return (for this round), we should know by the weekend, and he’d have to go back on Doxy for two months this time.  If not, well we will rejoice!  But the fact is, he has some tick issue inside and we need to be realistic that it could pop back up at any time.

So Deer Ticks (see what i did there with Deer/Dear — I’m so clever), I HATE YOU.  I HATE YOU.  I heard you don’t even serve a purpose in the ecosystem of life.  For something so useless, you are terrible. Awful. Hurtful.  And if I see you, well if I see you, you’re dead.  Yeah, you heard me.  I will burn you to the ground.  I will squash you, flush you, twist you in to pieces.  Sincerely, the mother of two dogs that you have infected.

Happy weekend – look out for ticks!

16 thoughts on “Our PSA: Ticks suck.

  1. Sending good thoughts and vibes to you and Melvin that you’ve beat this with the first round!!! You are a really awesome mama!!

  2. I hope results come back with great news for Melvin and that no other rounds are needed…ticks are awful here…it’s a daily battle…We send love and well wishes!!!!

  3. We had our annual check up on Wednesday, and I made sure to ask the dogter about ticks. He wasn’t too worried, but when he looked in Bax’s right ear, he found one. I hope that there’s no infection from it. Now we check religiously every time we come back from our walks.

  4. We are lucky here – no ticks where we live, but I panic when we take the pups up north.

    Monty and Harlow

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