Jake and the diaper.

Jake has a UTI.  At least, that is what we hope he has.  It started pretty suddenly last week, he just couldn’t hold it anymore.  At all.  So I took him to the vet and his test showed he ‘could’ have a UTI but it was not definitive.  The concern of course being that one day, due to his spinal issues, Jake probably won’t be able to hold it at all.  Is that now?

We are trying a course of antibiotics and it does seem to be helping.  I can’t say it’s cured but we are definitely hopeful.

In the meantime, I ordered him some super spunky belly bands.  I’m also teaching him to use the treat ball.  This toy will help him use legs and brain – a win-win for Jake.

Here he is, diaper and video.  Love this little guy so much!

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25 thoughts on “Jake and the diaper.

  1. I’ve been meaning to tell you, I never fancied myself a “small dog person” but Jake has completely shatter that illusion. I now dream of the day I can have my very own (rescued of course) French Bulldog. Thanks a lot you two, thanks a lot.

    • Hahaha! Ditto! When someone sent me Jake’s rescue profile my exact words were “he’s adorable, he will make someone so happy”. I had no interest — and then i met him. The thing with Jake is that he is the biggest little dog, ever!

  2. Oh Mr. Jake – you couldn’t be cuter in your adult diaper 😉 Also Rufus has that same treat toy! Everytime I feed him meals out of it, he smells like vanilla for a few hours afterwards haha.

  3. LOVE! We used Poise pads for Pug when we didn’t realize that his bladder was overflowing because it wasn’t being emptied. I cant remember if I told you that he takes cranberry pills every morning because he used to get a lot of UTI’s and it’s really helped him (if that’s the issue).
    Love you three!

    • That is one of the things the vet thought could be happening to Jake, except when he goes he goes a lot. I’m getting the pills, thank you my love!!!!

  4. Aww Jakie-poo!! Cooper wore a diaper for awhile when he just Would. Not. Be. Potty-trained!! …that is until he stared ripping them off himself and we’d find shredded pee-soaked panty liner all over the house. Le sigh….

  5. Aw, sweet Jake! He looks adorable with his ‘belt’ 🙂 I hope its just a UTI and he’s all better soon. Sending both pooches hugs and kisses!

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