I am not sure where time has gone! I have all these blog posts in my head but random things are getting in the way.  If you have noticed our lack-o-posts in the past week, it’s due to…

  • migraines (boo!)
  • graduations (yay!)
  • funerals (sigh)
  • little ballerina recitals (adorbs)
  • birthday parties at jumpy places (cray)
  • Jake’s therapy (woot!)
  • early Father’s day (who needs calendars?)
  • frog patrol (gag)

I plan to get back in the game this weekend — until then, these goonie-shots will hopefully win you back over!

Love. 6 12 14d

Love, love!6 12 14c

Summer!6 12 14

Jake still can’t read.6 12 14b

Lean on me. 6 12 14a


9 thoughts on “June?

  1. So many delicious jowls shots in this post! Also I love it when Jake looks like a meatloaf, Pug has the same look. It’s one of my favs

  2. I’ve missed readings your posts for the past few weeks because of how busy we’ve been, so hopefully we’ll both be back on track soon – you posting and me reading 🙂

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