Hannibal Jake.

Jake hunts.  Even when he is on the bed, staring out the upstairs window, he is on high alert when birds fly by.  I honestly worry that he’ll try to leap from the bed toward the window to catch one in flight.

In the past couple years, there have been a surge of tadpoles in our neighborhood.  I don’t know why, you’d have to ask Mr. Science that.  But there were so many tadpoles that people came from surrounding areas to gather some up. This year, well this year I have seen more frogs in the past two weeks than I have seen in my entire life.  They are everywhere.  Most of them are small, I don’t know if they are baby frogs or frogs that just don’t get big.  Every once in a while, I’ll see the full size variety.  I don’t know if they are the poison kind.  I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING EXCEPT THERE ARE A LOT OF FROGS.

Oh, I also know that Jake eats them.

“Frogs are delicious.”6 9 14a

If he see’s one hopping, he sits stealth like.  The frog hops up near him and he lunges and eats it mid-flight. Poetically, it’s the same way a frog gets a fly. I try to stop him. He runs from me (well as much as he can run but I’m not really that fast either and he is good at the zig-zag).  Inevitably, during the chase, he eats at least two more baby frogs.

The grossest part is that I’m pretty sure he doesn’t chew, he just catches it and swallows. I have to pick up his poop with my eyes closed because I’m afraid there will be a frog leg sticking out or an eye staring back at me.

Jake. Is. A. Serial. Killer.  There I said it.

“What? Serial Killers need love too.”6 9 14

Also, we have some of those poison frogs around our area.  I have heard stories of dogs licking a frog and the dog foams at the mouth.  I thought maybe I should muzzle Jake while I try to teach him the art of being kind(er) to nature. HIS FACE IS GIANORMOUS.  Muzzles don’t fit flat faced bobble heads.  So instead, I now run through the yard while Jake is back there, flailing my arms and making noise, hoping that frogs find our yard to be an insane asylum and migrate elsewhere.

The one good thing is that Melvin is TERRIFIED of frogs.  One hopped by him the other day and Melvin pooped himself in fear.  I honestly think I heard him cry out ‘mommy’.

“Hold me, I’m scared.”6 9 14b


19 thoughts on “Hannibal Jake.

  1. If it’s any consolation two of my three eat frogs AND lizards. It’s seriously disturbing but I have to admit a little entertaining to watch them hunt. And some will most definitely make them foam at the mouth, gag, and wobble around like a drunk fool for about 10 minutes, but there appears to be no lasting effect. But I like the image of you scaring them away, so best to play it safe rather than sorry 😉

  2. Our yard has a few toads this year. (I only know the difference because I was calling them frogs and my husband informed me they were toads). All I know is that they are the ugliest, scariest things ever….and boy are they HUGE! Lainey was kind of chasing one in the yard and I’m pretty sure the neighbors wanted to call the cops with all of my yelling and high pitched screaming. Thankfully, I think I scared Lainey so much with my screeching that she walked away from the toad and ran into the garage with her tail tucked.

  3. I’m imagining Jake rolling his tongue out and catching them. GAG!

    Can’t brother Melvin teach him not to eat the frogs? Sheesh.

  4. We’re seeing the same thing at our place. The number of frogs is ridiculous! If it’s any consolation, Baxter no longer finds frogs novel and therefore they don’t even get a glance when they’re hopping by. Initially, his reaction was exactly the same as Jake’s… including the not chewing. Yuck!

  5. Go Jake! He has mad skills, gross skills, but impressive nonetheless. 🙂
    So far Duke just nose honks frogs & snakes so they run, hopefully he doesn’t graduate to Jake’s hunter status.

  6. I am crying from laughing so hard….the muzzle comment just broke me down! Oh Jake…you have so many talents to share with the world.

  7. Think about Jake eating frogs as, he has wild instincts and if out in the wild, he’ll survive. On frogs 🙂

    “I now run through the yard while Jake is back there, flailing my arms and making noise,” the image in my head is funny 🙂

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