Winner, winner!

You know how sometimes you will hear ‘I never win anything’?  You will never hear me say that, I win stuff all the time – I don’t know how but I aints complaining!  Most recently I won a giveaway from Adventures of a Dog Mom!

The giveaway was from Maddie Lab Studio and I immediately knew which piece I’d pick if I won, in fact If I didn’t win, I was totally going to order it.

Dealing with Maddie Lab Studio was AWESOME and the print arrived quickly and wrapped lovingly!  It’s being framed but I’ll be sure to post photos of it once it’s up in the house.

photo 1

I love art like this, I have a canvas print of a deer in tubes socks, no clue why but it makes me so, so happy.  This print will fit right in!

photo 2


Thanks to Adventures of a Dog Mom and Maddie Lab Studio!!!!

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