Superhero: part one.

Remember our post last week about long-dong-Jake and our struggle for a diaper solution?  Let me just say, we leave no diaper stone unturned.

I bought 9 pairs of boys training underpants from 3 different sites.  All too small.   I bought pull-up diapers (human) size 2T (too small) and 5T (long enough but too roomy and they don’t have velcro so they fell off when he started walking).



I bought rubber pants (that people use when they use cloth diapers) — we are the proud owners of 4 of these. I bought disposal belly bands, they didn’t stay on.  I bought full on dog diapers that cover his bum but he was so uncomfortable and there is no need for his butt to not feel air.  As much as I want to live in a pee free world, Jake’s comfort is paramount.

As you will recall, we got super cute belly bands that couldn’t contain ‘the beast’ and thus couldn’t contain the pee.  We easily tried five other belly bands before this one.


We got him a better version, that had potential however the Medium went to 20 inches (circumference) and Jake is 21-22 inches around in that area so it dug into him.  The large jumped up to 25 inches so that option was out. The medium is the one we’ve been trying to make work (I cut one of the sides to make it more comfy but of course that one cut is a personal invitation for pee to flow on over to the other side. This version also has the most abusive strip of velcro I have ever encountered.  The weight of the velcro weighs him down a little.  Dude can’t even stand up most moments so adding pressure to his back is not optimal.

IMG_9509 IMG_9507 IMG_9625

With almost all the belly bands, we use maxi pads inside to keep him dry and help with leakage.  You have heard of crazy cat ladies?  Well I’m crazy maxi-pad lady.  There are packages all over the house.  If you need a really good laugh, you should see the look you get from a guy when he sees an open package of maxi-pads in the kitchen.  Anyway, if need be, I could have made that belly band work with some doubling-up of products (and some duck tape). And if you are wondering at this point, why the struggle?  Jake is only six. He has 20 good years left in him (I aim high).  This is the reality and solutions will make it easy, normal, struggle free. Also, Jake is a really big small dog.  He is between a med and a large in almost everything.

In the same sense that we leave no rock unturned, we don’t opt for half-ass. So as I sat at my computer looking for even more solutions, a chat window popped up on Facebook.  It was Jen from Sirius Republic and she typed in six words that made me squeal, tear up and will ultimately change Jake’s life forever:

“I may be able to help.”

Check back tomorrow to hear how our superhero changed our outlook and made our hearts happy. People, our world has been rocked!!

20 thoughts on “Superhero: part one.

  1. We cut a t-shirt to fit Sam – the hem part, and then used a rubber band to hold it against him. …and yes, we were maxi-folks too. I’m still finding them!

    Can’t wait to see what Jen came up with!

    Monty and Harlow

    • I tried that too! Jake is built so odd, his waist is small but then his torso is huge. I’m so happy to have company in this strange new world!

  2. We are having a similar issue with our Jack Russell so I am dying to hear what Jen has come up with. For a while I was convinced I needed to get a 2nd job to cover the costs of all the products we were “testing”. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

  3. You don’t even know how much I relate to this post! I have not slept through an entire night in MONTHS because Sarge leaks and then licks at it constantly until I get up to take him out. EVERY night. I think he has a normal sized you-know-what, but has the classic pittie shape of a large rib cage and an itty-bitty waist. I actually have that same blue-ish belly band that somehow comes off of him every night. It’s a little too big for his waist, but the smaller size is way too small. Every night we go to bed and it’s on, but I wake up to him licking and I find it somewhere else on the bed. I CAN NOT wait to hear your solution and hope I can make it work for Sarge too!

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  5. I hear your pain. Argus, who is getting old and senile, sometimes pees while we’re at work. He peed on the trash can and/or recycle box, so now our trash is just a bag hanging from the door. We were boarding him while we were at work for a little while, but he was hating going which is strange….maybe because he’s getting old. Now that there is nothing to pee on in the kitchen, we’ve had to come up with a solution to avoid puddles. So far so good, but I’m sure there will come a time when he’ll start having accidents more frequently. Love the big guy though, and we’ll work through whatever life throws (or squirts :)) at us.

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