Siriusly super(hero).

If you haven’t read part one of this, you can read it here.

After Jen from Sirius Republic typed in the magic words that she could help us, our world brightened up!  She and I went back and forth on what I had tried and what the pros and cons of each were.  She listened to all my crazy babbling feedback.

  • Can’t be too heavy, don’t want to weight down his legs
  • Needs to work with tiny waist and thicker torso
  • Need solution for leakage
  • Want it to be comfortable
  • Has to be long/wide enough to keep Big Jake inside
  • Needs to stay in place (in general and when he makes love to the rug)

It was like a letter to Santa. I sent her a few photos of the belly bands we’d been using along with links to the products so she could see them in more detail.  That was Monday of last week.  Just days later, the prototype photo was emailed to me.  I squealed and danced and raised my hands up while I shouted hallelujah! The gift was on its way to us.  I camped at the mailbox.

So here’s the thing.  Jen listened to every single thing I said.  I hoped to have some of the issue solved but she designed something that addressed everything and then some! This woman, this superhero that we have never met, took time from her life to help out a well-hung, wonky-legged dog and his mom.  I had told her that comfort mattered most. She made it soft on the inside, it’s like sweatshirt material. I asked that it be light so that it was easy on his back, she made it light as a flippen feather.  I said the closure should have some give so he could move, she made it cylindrical so there is no need for velcro or clips.


She sensed my deepest frustrations about the leakage.  So this warrior seamstress went out and bought ROBOT PATTERNED WATERPROOF FABRIC for my boy. I mean have you ever??!! I had told her months ago that our robot collars were our most favorite of them all.  Jen is not just wildly talented, she’s thoughtful.  She’s giving.  She reaches out and helps others. She’s that person we all meet and think, I need to be more like that.  Please, please, I beg of you, if you do anything else today, ‘Pull-a-Jen’ and help someone out.  The world will be so much better for it. Siriusly!

So without further delay,  I give you my boy in his new booty band (ding-dong-diaper?).  The moment I put it on he was back to being Jake.  He could move, he relaxed, I swear I saw a smile!  He could run in his unique Jake way, roll around, get up, get down. He’s like a canine James Brown!  Big Jake was also happy AND constrained so I proclaimed yiippppppeeeeeeee!

I mean, come on, she made a ‘yo Jake’ heart sticker for the package!  Tears welled up in my eyes.IMG_9634

The one-of-a-kind, the ORIGINAL!IMG_9637 IMG_9639

And now, Jake.  I am shocked I could even see him to take the photo, I cried so many happy tears! He jazz lunged for Jen in the first photo!IMG_9644

He showed rug that he’s still got it. IMG_9655

He struck a saucy pose. IMG_9659

I let him back up on the couch! IMG_9669 IMG_9671

He snuggled up to brother. IMG_9662

Then we added his robot collar in!


From the very center of our hearts we thank Jen and all things Sirius Republic.  There is something so delightful about someone who sprinkles so much love into everything she touches.  It’s magical and we feel very blessed to a part of her world!

27 thoughts on “Siriusly super(hero).

  1. I have been sitting here hitting “refresh” all morning long in anticipation of the big reveal and let me tell you, I’m blown away! That is the cutest, most creative band. Evah. EVAH. Sirius Republic and Jenn really are amazing and giving but you are truly a person with a heart of gold and a soul of platinum. You and your crew deserve the best.

    • This comment made my eyes well up. It’s truly been a good week! Incontinence issues are more stressful than I thought they’d be. She saved us!

  2. So awesome! We love the collar she made for Harlow – also special fitting it to fit Harlow’s princess sized neck.

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Oh Wow! That Jen is amazing and wonderful and generous and ALL the good things. I”m so glad that Jake is contained and comfy. This brought tears to my eyes.

  4. I never ever knew I could be so happy about a booty band/ding-dong diaper . . . and Jake’s not even my dog! And if I’m this happy, just imagine how thrilled Rug is to have the old Jake back. 😉

  5. I didn’t think Jake’s booty could get any more adorable… however, apparently it can if you add robots. We love Jen and her selfless love of giving.
    -Amelia & the momma, Jenn (Corbin wants to make sure it’s known he didn’t make the comment about Jake’s booty, but he also loves Jen & SR! & Jake, Big M & You!).

  6. How wonderful, generous, and and kind of Jen to offer her help!! She made one cute diaper, and Jake couldn’t look any cuter with it.

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