Home office.

I know you all love the boys but I get a lot of request to see more of the house.  Since I have been spending more time in the home office, I recently gave it a little extra love as it needed some finishing touches.  A little tidbit about me… no matter where I am (a friend’s house, a hotel, a bar, a store), I’m constantly space planning.  I cannot turn it off.  I have to stop myself from rearranging other people’s things.

Space planning is lost on the dogs.  They will 100% occupy the exact spot they should not.  Jake will even drag his bed to where he’d prefer it to be, like the middle of the hallway. Oh well! Here are some photos of the office, we’ll call it Tracey Tuesday.

(Notice the film on the front windows. It keeps Melvin from sitting at the window and barking at every single thing that goes by.  The side windows are available to him to look out all he wants, not much happens in the driveway).

IMG_9767 IMG_9770 IMG_9775

IMG_9776 IMG_9779 IMG_9778


22 thoughts on “Home office.

  1. K, so I’m going to need you to come help out my home office situation. And, well, basically everything else. I’ll pay you in Maggie and Tag kisses PLUS Buddy snuggles! Whatcha say?

  2. I’d like to raise my hand to get in line for some special Tracey magic. I too, am willing to offer my dogs’ affections as compensation.

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