The weekend was fairly uneventful.  I had a migraine so there was some lying around.  The boys usually lay around so they just stepped it up an extra notch.


I know your head hurts but you ARE going to feed us, RIGHT?IMG_9725

Jake made it impossible helped me to build a table. IMG_9703

Cue more sleeping. IMG_9697 IMG_9755 IMG_9764

Hope you had a great, relaxing, fun-filled weekend!

12 thoughts on “Weekend.

  1. They are definitely experts in the art of lazing around. Go Melvin and Jake! (Sorry about the migraine – I get them, too, and I know they are no fun. Tucker & Phoebe are good about lying quietly when they know I’m not feeling well, and sometimes the cats will circle around my head and purr. Somehow, that helps.)

  2. It must have been a weekend for migraines! Tess is the best at snuggling when I’m not feeling well – she doesn’t even complain about not getting fed, being let out, etc. Edi is still figuring out how sick days work.

  3. My husband and I are pretty quite and laid back, so I like uneventful weekends 🙂

    I want to lay with Melvin on that last picture 🙂

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