Emotional pooper.

Hi, my name is Jake and I’m an emotional pooper.  IMG_0242

Some eat when things get stressful.  Some smoke, drink, shop, cry, whatever.  Jake poops. At the vet, meatballs for everyone!  When I leave the house with Melvin only, hey mudroom, meatballs for you! In the buggy on walks when he see’s prey but realizes he’s strapped in, this buggy needs some meatballs!

This morning, we had a mobile pet spa come and give both boys baths. They take them out to the van one at a time.  Melvin went first.  Jake was so wounded to see Melvin taken away that he started howling.  As he howled… meatballs started shooting out.  I mean he must feel things pretty deeply for his bowels to be reached.

Happy weekend!!!!


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