Dear week, please end.

This week has it out for us, and to that I cry… ‘Uncle’!  Jake’s skin is blood-red, his fall allergies are far worse this year than last year and he is beyond miserable. We have prescriptions antihistamines that are doing NOTHING (well that is not entirely true, they are making Jake throw up). We have two vets searching the universe for enough Apoquel to get us through to the first frost.  This area is completely out of it and despite Jake being on before the shortage, we were unable to get him on the list to continue getting it.  Add to the injury of his allergies is the insult of a double ear infection.  He shakes his head so hard that I worry his eyes will pop out.  We went to the vet this morning – he was literally unable to stop shaking his head.  They infused medicine into both ears, never had this before, and apparently it is thick and will stay in and treat him from inside his ears for two weeks.  Now if only his skin was not on fire.

It is almost certain that Melvin has Cushing’s.  He is on prednisone (the cause) and has every single symptom.  We can’t get him off the pred until after the first frost and that will take time to taper him until he can be off for two weeks to be tested.  In the meantime we are trying a natural approach to treatment, Melatonin (what’s four more pills in the pill-box?!).  The Melatonin has shown really great treatment results in some dogs and it’s something we can use while he is still on the prednisone.  The side effect, he’s exhausted.  He sleeps a lot now, even more than before!

Here is Jake post appointment.  He keeps toppling over due to the heaviness in his ears.  Melvin is too tired to care.IMG_0293


21 thoughts on “Dear week, please end.

  1. Take a deep breath mama! I can only imagine how stressed out you must be worrying about the pups! I’ve been praying for summer to hold on a little longer (as Michigan didn’t really get a summer this year). But, I will change my tune and pray for some cooler air to move into your area.

    I was on Prednisone for 10 months last year and the weaning process is no fun! Best of luck to you and both doggers. Keep smiling…I just know this week will get better.

  2. Oh my you really do have a lot on your plate. I think I know the medication that was put in Jake’s ears and if I’m correct that stuff works miracles. I know that’s not much help but that’s all I can do beside sending you lots and lots of get well love from Colorado!

  3. Poor boys! I have a dog with allergies and I thought it was bad. Unfortunately, Jake’s are much worse. Hang in there! It’s finally cooling off here in Tennessee so it’s right around the corner. Hopefully we’ll have a good winter that’s cold enough to kill ALL the allergens.

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