Jake turns 7!

This weekend, Jake turns seven!  He came to us when he had just turned five so he has spent almost 14 of his dog years with us!  Way back when he turned five, on that very day two years ago, his family gave him up for adoption.  I have to doubt they knew it was his birthday.  Either way, I think it was the best gift they could ever have given him.  If they didn’t have time for the Jake back then, they would not have time for the Jake of today.

Yes, some of his issues can complicate a day.  Yes, he’s noisy, and stinky and such a dude in so many dude-dog ways.   But he’s my beautiful, complicated handful of a stinky dude-dog!  Not one hour in life goes by that he does not make me laugh.  He teaches me that limitations are only what you make of them.   No matter the number of birthdays we’ve spent together, my love for him stretches back and forward infinitely.

Happy Birthday to my little chicken nugget, to my mini-monkey, my wonky-legged-googly-eyed-spaz!  You are spectacular at seven!  You are loved to all the way to the non-planet Pluto and back and back around again and again and again!

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