The blog is still called, Oh Melvin, right?

Hey, it’s Melvin.  Remember me? ‘Oh Melvin’ my ass.

A long time ago, this blog was all about me.  I had a tail back then and famous photographers took my picture and I was in a calendar that was available for purchase by the whole world.  The whole world people!


Photo credit: Bev Hollis Photography

But then, I guess I lost it all. In addition to losing my poor tail (injury), I apparently lost my blog too. To this guy. I mean to be fair he is not responsible for the loss of my tail but if he’d been around then, I’m sure he would have played a role. IMG_3234

He steals my blog, my bed, my big rope toy.  Is nothing sacred anymore?IMG_9840 IMG_3245 IMG_0179 IMG_0276

This video, sums up my life.  Oh sorry Jake, let me move out of your way so you can wear my bed around on your head like a friggen maniac! My bad. What in the world was I thinking just trying to lay here on this small patch of rug.  Please yes, ram me in the head WITH MY OWN BED.




13 thoughts on “The blog is still called, Oh Melvin, right?

  1. Hahahaha! This made me LOL! I think my kids would say the same thing about their little brother. The baby rules the roost!!

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  2. This post was hilarious, loved the video..especially when Melvin leaves and Jake is looking like “come on man, i just wanted to give a kiss!” LOL! Poor Jake has no idea when he is being a bit obnoxious and poor Melvin has to put up with him! So funny! but you can tell they love each other, you just can tell.

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