I ran errands on Sunday.  Little did I know there was a mean-people convention in town and that the day would end up being lame.  I went to Trader Joe’s.  For those of you who know Trader Joe’s, you know that it is not only a place of organic goodness but also, and this part probably goes unspoken most of the time, nice/good people.  Friendly.  Helpful.  A shared sense of eating well. On Sunday, there was some sort of Freaky Friday going on cause jerks showed up and ruined the vibe.

I pulled into the poorly planned parking lot (not the parking lot’s fault) and saw someone packing up groceries.  I put my blinker on.  Then, I waited, and waited.  This person could not be moving more slowly if they tried, they even took a phone call.  No biggie, it’s Trader Joe’s.  They pulled out and I pulled in.  Next thing you know some crazy dude is banging on my window, screaming at me that I could have pulled around and taken another spot.  He insinuated that the delay in the people vacating my spot, was in some way my fault.  He was, screaming.  Flailing arms.  I told him to back the beep up but it actually took a random guy to come over and get in his face and say – ‘dude, we don’t yell at women, walk away’ – for him to go away.  I contemplated leaving, it felt that unsafe. (For the record, I am very outspoken. I speak up when others cannot.  But this dude, was batsh!t cray).

Instead, I went into Trader Joe’s.  Big mistake.  One it was jammed packed and for whatever reason, everyone was grumpy.  I was standing in produce looking a package of brussels sprouts over when I heard: “I hate people like you”. Wow. What harshness. I turned around to see what was happening only to find out the words were directed at me.  Some other angry-man apparently hates people who read labels or look for expiration dates because we hold up his precious life. He ranted on and on. The masses of label readers just stared at him.  I didn’t have to defend myself, his wife took over and I’m pretty sure he suffered major consequences for being so hurtful. Mean people suck.

So I got in the car and thought, just get home.  Home is delightful.  Home is kind, and lovely and the boys are waiting for you.

Melvin had explosive diarrhea while I was gone.  He apparently walked in circles while having these bursts and there was crap and crap-footprints everywhere.  I was a bit frozen, realizing the poop-clean-up-fairy was not coming and thinking ‘why me’ when Melvin walked by and I noticed that he had dried poop drippings on his butt area and that my dear friends made me laugh hysterically.

Find the humor, it’s all we can do!!   Wishing you a week free of mean-people and crap!

Why does my butt burn?IMG_0446

23 thoughts on “Crap.

  1. You seriously have the best outlook on life, and more people should be like you! Less mean, more goodness! Have a wonderful, grump-free week! xo

  2. Oh boy, do mean people ever suck. This post makes me want to don my ninja warrior princess dress (yes, I really do have one) and kick the batshit out of your harassers. (and smooch melvin)

  3. I’m sorry the Meanies got to you. Sometimes I think they are more prominent in NoVA….I seem to run in to a lot of them. At first they make me feel sad, then eventually I feel sorry for them. It must be horrible to spend life being full of anger and hate. I choose happiness.

  4. Just think how bad your day would have been if not for the guy telling the guy walk away and the wife of the overly bitter man. So there were some nice people in the mix. I have had to deal with puke patrol and I rolled in something that i think makes me smell good mommy but makes me want to puke lol I just love my steam cleaner! It makes my girls mess clean ups so much easier! We are a house of girls and 3 of the girls are slobs The kitty Mary Jane, The dog Midnight, the parrot Sasha are all mess makers. BabyGirl is a tidy old girl and Me I have to clean everything up!

    • Hahahahha! You are so right, those ‘others’ made all the difference. Nice people have to stick together so we can keep our energy up for poop duty!

  5. Poor Melvin 😞 as for the jerks at the store, I truly HATE that behavior! 😡 I would step in if a person acted like that towards a someone in a parking lot. I’m nonviolent but I have a problem with threatening behavior. That’s the black belt in me. I have no patience for bullying.

  6. SO glad this post wasn’t about Melvin or Jake having major medical issues!
    Sorry you had to deal with major cleanup and major a-holes. Hope Melvin is feeling better. 🙂

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