It keeps getting better.

Both boys now have the poops.  It’s a bit of mystery as to why.  They both eat different food and I never change their treats.  My theory (which the vet does not discount) is that the current chipmunk-palooza going down in the backyard could have left some undesirable gunk on shells they hollowed out (shells the boys seek out like crack).  Since the boys share water bowls, they could have transmitted from one to the other.

Either way, double-dog-diarhea is a nonstop-thrill.

Step one: Gather up samples of said liquid poop for testing.  Relax, no photos.

Step two: Withhold food for 12 hours.  I am 100% certain they considered eating me.

Step three: Anti-poop meds and different probiotic than they normally get.


Step four: Bland diet. The boys are fed (different) raw diets so we don’t want to introduce cooked chicken (and Melvin is allergic to chicken) so we are going with white rice and cottage cheese for four days.  Yes, four days.  And the instructions they give for feeding is based on the rice being uncooked even though you do cook the rice so I think I had a mini-breakdown trying to figure out the mixture post-cooking. (1 cup uncooked riced, then cooked mixed with 4 ounces of cottage cheese will serve a 25 lb dog for one day via 4-6 meals.  So I’m making it for 115 total combined weight then breaking it out for a 35 pounder and an 80 pounder. What? Rice math is hard.)  Seriously, who gives serving instruction based on uncooked rice? (FYI, 1 cup of uncooked rice = 3 cups of cooked rice, not that it makes the calculation all that much easier). IMG_0491 IMG_0492

I had already gone to the grocery store for this week (ahem, the Trader Joe’s saga) so this is literally all I purchased at Harris Teeter.  Three boxes of instant rice and four containers of cottage cheese. (Ok fine, and six bottles of wine but you save money when you buy six). I’m sure the checkout girl felt sad for my nutrition.

Here they are. Bonded in brotherhood and burning butts.

IMG_0470PS.  I won’t let Jake wear his Sirius diapers until the issue clears up.  I can’t have them tainted like that.

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  1. I seriously feel bad that I’m laughing. Sort of. I do honest to goodness feel bad that the boys aren’t feeling good. But the trip to HT – and I totally get the 6 bottles = a discount – is awesome! Sometimes I wonder what the folks at the checkout are thinking.

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