Two different muses.

I know the first several months with Melvin were hard.  I don’t really recall each and every specific about the difficulties but I do recall crying and being overwhelmed and there being looming uncertainty.  Most of that was health related (that part lasted years and even still continues) but those first few months, homeboy was no gem in the behavior area.  But we moved forward and he got easier and I’m sure he feels the same way about me. Now, I swear, he needs food, me and access to the outdoors for bathroom breaks.  He is so easy that sometimes I don’t spend as much time on him as I should.  I doubt he notices but it certainly haunts me a little. Just typing that part makes me laugh, I never thought Melvin would be the dog I considered ‘easy’. He and I have been to the vet together at least 500 times.

Anyway, I don’t write as much about him lately, I guess I figure you might get bored with me repeating the same old theme:  I. Love. HIm. It’s so basic and lovely.  Just like him.IMG_0576

Jake, is different.  Jake came with behavior issues too but the moment we came out of that rough patch, he started having spinal issues, wonky legs and needed fashion diapers. There has really been very little sense of moving forward with him.  He is in many ways, going backwards, and that will probably continue throughout his life.  I have no experience with this and the trial and error can be frustrating.  For example, Jake went through five beds last night (for three different issues).  Five.  I did laundry from 1am to 6am.  I had plenty of time to think as I was pleading for sleep to come rescue me and I finally realized something I’d been a bit clueless about:

Jake is Benjamin Button.

As Jake goes from adult to toddler, I have to move us forward in some capacity.  I think writing about our experiences helps with that.  Am I tired today? Yes, so tired.  Is this post about failure? No.  We made it through the night and I have a mediocre somewhat solid plan for nights to come. The beds are cleaned and ready for another night, even if it’s a night of battle.  But if you need us this evening, call before 7pm because we will be asleep by 7:01.  Warriors need their rest.

“I’ll be a baby again soon.” IMG_0597

8 thoughts on “Two different muses.

  1. A couple of things: you can never write too much about your perfect love of Melvin. I totally get it, and I’m sure there are others who will too. Secondly, for Jake’s bed, have you thought about using a baby crib mattress? They’re ususally wipeable or even those mattress pads that are water proof? Possibly a couple layers of those that you can just peel off might help…

    • The crib mattress idea is a great one, I’ve been using puppy pads between the cover and bed filling but his accidents are gold medal! I ordered some industrial carpet pads for under his bed area (since its easier to wash bedding than replace floors) so some new bed options are def on the list. Thanks love!

  2. First of all, Melvin will never be boring. All I need is a photo of that smushy face, and I’m sold!

    Second of all, I think you have figured out a very, very creepy Halloween costume for Sir Jake. I can’t even…

    • Well I know YOU won’t be bored! We can stare at blockheads and drool all day! Jake’s costume this year has been ordered (and it’s awesome) but Ben Buttons is a great idea for next year!

  3. If anyone can handle it, it’s you. That’s why we are the chosen ones for these perfectly imperfect boys! At least, that’s what I tell myself when situations like that arise 🙂 That and a glass (aka bottle) of wine.

  4. Sometimes I think the same thing about Boomer and Dottie, will people get sick of hearing how much I love the two of them? Or of seeing them in their strange sleepy positions which they are in so much because they are older and want to sleep more.

    But, I think other dog lovers understand, we love our fur babies with all our hearts, the good and the bad and know we like, want, to share it.

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