Hello Fall, I’ve missed you.

Fall has arrived!  The hot, humid temps are gone!  This means that the boys no longer have to do their summer dance.  The one where Melvin runs out and runs back inside as if he is running into and back out of a burning building. Or the one where Jake walks out and pees while still on the brick walkway and then walks five steps and collapses in a fit of drama and requires to be carried back inside.

The cool, crisp weather has settled in.  This means two totally different things for the boys. Melvin LOVES fall and winter and he is energized to go on walks, stay on walks and just generally be outside (as long as someone stays outside with him). He is exactly like me, I love this weather.  Jake, well not so much.  If summer is too hot, fall is now too cold. There is like one day all year when the temperature is officially changing over, the hour that it happens, Jake is comfortable.  Once fall officially arrives, he’s a character in Frozen.  That dog does dramatica really well.

It’s been fall for about 36 minutes:IMG_0631 IMG_0655

6 thoughts on “Hello Fall, I’ve missed you.

  1. PAUVRE JAKE!! “Mom, make the cold go away!” I have a Frenchie too and they are excellent with their melodramatic shenanigans when things don’t go exactly their way! Jake needs his own fainting couch (because you need another bed to wash 😉

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