Melvin is extremely barrel chested.  On the flip side, dudes got a short torso (compared to his head, neck and chest size). So clothes were never really an option for him as he is an XXL chest wise but more of L/XL lengthwise. I mean I tried, I tried real hard.  The only thing more difficult than getting a sweater or sweatshirt on him, is getting it off of him.  I once had to cut him out of a Redskins jersey. He is fine with minimal clothes, he is almost always hot anyways.  Aside from a winter coat and snoods, he is most content when nudie.

Jake is not much easier to fit, his chest and neck are Large, his body length is Sm/Med. I had to get his winter coat custom-made, otherwise he’d poop on the part that would inevitably hang over his butt. But Jake, he loves clothes. He would wear a snow-suit indoors, during the summer.  He likes to be covered by clothing, or blankets or beds.  He is almost always cold.  This year, clothes play a double role, they help to keep his diaper in place.  Win, win!  More reason to shop!

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