True story.

This is the true story of how I thought Jake’s arm broke off.

He was doing that thing he does when he is about to hunker down for a nap.  Rolling on his back, flailing his legs all about, snorting, grunting, etc.  I was watching TV.  At some point I looked over and saw this:


My honest to God thought was: Did his arm break off?  But I was not panicked (I mean it’s Jake, somehow it would make perfect sense that his arm would fall off).  He was sound asleep so I leaned in to see what the situation was.

Almost as shocking as one of his limbs just breaking off, he had jammed both arms into the same arm hole of the sweatshirt.  This dog takes cozy to an extreme.  I of course left it that way so I could watch him get out of the situation, which he couldn’t and started howling.



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