I never really understood the term ‘velcro dog’ until I got Melvin.  I went from having space to having none.  Sure, there are moments when he is a couple of feet away, but he is always, no matter what, 100% always in the same room as I am.

If I’m at the sink, he’s laying behind my feet.  If I’m in the office, he’s laying under the desk.  If I’m in the pantry, he is (watch out) right behind me, blocking my exit. I realized the other day, the most spoken phrase in this house is: Watch out buddy.

Saying the words rarely has the effect I hope for. I fall over, stumble, step on, run into, drop things onto and hurdle over Melvin, 100 times a day. He will walk in front of me and stop and look back to make sure I am following him and I will fall over him.  He thinks its fun.  He often does this going down steps, it’s a miracle I’m still alive.

Some days it drives me nuts.  How can he not realize that walking through him is not an option?  But then I realize, those moments, are the ones I’ll miss when he’s gone (and I’ll be so grateful for all the times I got to trip over him).  If Melvin’s biggest crime is wanting to be near me, well hot damn, I’ve won the jackpot!

Wanna snuggle?  I can move closer. IMG_1129

Jake is different.  He will come over and lean into me for a little while but then he’d prefer a blanket, the fireplace or Melvin over me. Except for one thing, Jake needs to be able to see me. He will regularly come check to make sure I’m still ‘there’.  If I’m in the laundry room, he will walk up to the doorway, ascertain I’m still there and then go back and lay down.  He’ll repeat this every five minutes until I move rooms.  When, I’m in the shower, Jake drives by the doorway 3-4 times.  Normally it’d be creepy, but it’s just Jake, making sure he has not been abandoned.  I get it.  Sometimes I’ll shout out ‘I’m still here’ just to help him out.  I try to do what I can.

Leave me with my blanket (by the way, he did this cocoon all on his own). IMG_1112

16 thoughts on “Velcro.

  1. Every time I read your blog, I have this desire to go home and be with my dogs. I too have dogs that are tied to my side. Sometimes its bothersome (like when I trip over them) but mostly I love having them near.

  2. Generally, if Ray and I are in the same building, we are usually touching but if not touching, then definitely in the same room. Julius loves to snuggle but it is always on his own terms and more sporatic. Julius loves to have the top of his blockhead pressed against me, but will move if the rest of his body is touched by anyone else in his space. Ray is almost always lying across my lap.

    I wish Jake could teach my boys how to wrap themselves in a blanket, though!

  3. Our dogs are generally in the same room with us. Sometimes in the morning, Edison will decide we are taking too long to give him his morning crate treat and go down and wait for us. He’ll also run down to the basement to lay in front of the heater. Every time it kicks on. Every time.

  4. My pug Rico would prefer to be near me or on me at all times. Including when I’m in the shower. Which is why he is no longer allowed in the bathroom with me. Mama needed some time without creeper eyes watching my every move… But I love him! And he makes me laugh, so he’s a keeper. I love my Velcro dog. 🙂

  5. I don’t have a kitchen mat in front of the sink anymore, I’ve perfected the “kitchen shuffle, don’t use the bathroom or shower alone and by the end of a 3 day weekend the Frenchies are exhausted because they haven’t been able to sleep their customary16 hours a day. They must be on alert at all times because I might leave the room at any moment. Velcro dogs,indeed.

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