Wheels up.

Last Tuesday, Jake had in-home therapy with Dr. Krisi and during the session, she helped me measure Jake for his wheels.  People, measuring is not easy, and since there are welded components that are not adjustable, you need to be solid on the numbers you send over. It took two people, two different measuring tools, two large books (to put on each side of Jake to truly measure his width, and a wooden spoon (to hold up his private area – i don’t even know what that one was for, maybe he is getting some sort of dog thong).

Prior to measuring, I had used social media to ask around for the best wheels.  Oh Melvin fans and the French Bulldog Rescue Network community all agreed – Eddie’s Wheels was the way to go. I filled out the order form and submitted it.  It was past five by the time I ordered so I figured they would reach out to me the next day.  Not the case, I got a phone call 15 minutes later and had the most delightful chat with the rep. We talked about Jake, she suggested the type of support system that would be best for his specific issues and she gave me some general info about how his life would be with the cart.

I don’t know about you but I have never ordered, had or put a dog into a dog wheelchair before.  Taking those measurements and paying the money is one thing, getting him into the thing and taking steps to make sure it’s a good experience for him, well that all causes me a little trepidation.  Talking to the folks at Eddie’s Wheels, I feel like I have a partner.  I know they will guide me when need be, I had the best feeling after hanging up with them.

Jake’s new ride should arrive sometime around Christmas.  We can’t wait to get started on our next chapter with him!

Waiting for his wheels!IMG_1339

7 thoughts on “Wheels up.

  1. I’m so excited for Jake and for you! I’m sure this is going to really give him some better mobility while hopefully keeping him from jumping up for face bites, so a win for Melvin too!

    But mostly, I’m looking forward to finding out if the new wheels are going to come with a banana hanger for Jake’s….stuff. Bahahahaha!

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