I have this thing I do each night.  Since days can get so hectic and there is not always dedicated time to sit and focus on the dogs, each night before bed I sit on the floor with them.  Melvin will snuggle up next to me and Jake climbs on my lap and flips over backwards (I’ll get video for you, he’s like a dog baby).  I pet them and, nerdily enough, sing ‘their’ songs to them.  It’s clear I’ll never be a songwriter but my audience does not even understand the human words I’m saying so to them, I’m a Grammy contender.

Max’s song was: Maximilian, Maximilian, you’re my handsome, handsome boy. Maximilian, Maximilian, oh you bring me so much joy.  

(Stop laughing, Max’s was my first song attempt, they get better!).

Melvin’s song is: Oh Melvin, into my life you came.  Oh Melvin, no day is ever the same.  Oh Melvin, Max is our angel up above, Oh Melvin, to you I give my love. 

(See, I improved! And PS. That song is where the blog name comes from.).

Then it came time to give Jake a song.  I tried so hard to be loving, to be thoughtful. I mean for God’s sake, these are lullabies.  But the song in my head was always the same… I’m a little Frenchie, short and stout, here are my meatballs, here is my pee. 

Not all songs rhyme.

Happy Thursday!

9 thoughts on “Songs.

  1. I’ve been signing parodies of songs to our pets for year, and of course, the vlassic Smelly Cat and Soft Kitty to the cats. It’s nice yo find out other people are odd, too!

  2. I love that you admit to dog songs and yours are unique and wonderful! Humphries has retained the name “Stinky” since he was a wee puppy–the raw food keeps his gas manageable so the nickname is the trademark for his lovingly stubborn Frenchie personality. I sing “Stinky Stinky Stinky Bum Bum, how stinky is my Bum Bum?” to him every morning, and I ask him throughout the day “Why you so Stinky?” (in a loving voice accompanied by kisses). And *how* do French bulldogs learn to roll their eyes like that?

    Oh Dog Mom, you have laid bare our secrets. There’s no going back! (gulp)

    (Name withheld 😉

  3. I would have been dashed if Jake’s song was anything else! Ours is more like a rhyme or a jingle: “Raymo, Baymo biggety bop, went to a dance that was called the Hop.” and “Julius e-bulius a mooley ooly foolius.” Clearly a lot of thought was put into these. 🙂

  4. Keep on rocking!!!! We have a zillion songs for our Trev, mostly to the tunes of the awesome 80’s songs…Giggles!!!! We love it and most of all Jake and Melvin love it too!!!! Hugs

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