Beep, beep.

I stared at Jake’s wheels for a few days. I read the directions about fifty times and I still felt like I wasn’t ready. I mean I was ready for him to use them and be on the go, but that first time putting him in the wheelchair, that could make or break the future times. So I studied and we waited. Then on New Years day, I knew we could do it.

I took the boys out back. Eventually I called Jake over, I lifted his hind legs in and I did all the straps and clips and snapping. I went to reach for my camera and HE TOOK OFF. It was clear that he was running away from the wheelchair. It took a few moments for him to realize he was attached to the wheels (and this was post crashing into the fence at top speed). The first video is from when I was able to push record after he had already crashed and as he was still trying to out maneuver the wheels (by hopping). The first video might also make you throw up because I was pretty excited and not steady.

The second video is less nauseating and he was only about 3 minutes into his first wheel experience and already doing sharp turns!

We did five minutes day one.  We’ll do a little more each day.  All in all, dude was born to ride!

18 thoughts on “Beep, beep.

  1. Good job momma. He looks great. So does he still use his back legs? this just assists?

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    • We can go either route, to start you are supposed to let his legs hang down (they barely touch the ground) but as he gets used to it, we can put his legs up in the stirrups so he only uses front legs in the motion.

  2. Oh my good gravy I hurt myself laughing at the faces he was giving you! Oh how I wish dogs could talk sometimes! As sad as it is that he has to have a wheelchair, he looks like he’s going to do great in it!

  3. You go Jake, you look great and i bet that pretty soon you and the wheels will be as one. I wonder what was Melvin’s reaction when he saw him zooming around the backyard.

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