Holiday Recap.

Christmas was wonderful!  Family, fun, food!  Couldn’t have asked for better company.

Jake got a super cute hoodie…IMG_1608

The day after Christmas was lame.  I got a stomach bug and was down and out for three days.  THREE DAYS.  Then on the fourth day, I got a migraine.  True story people.  But five days post-Christmas (and ten pounds lighter). I woke up feeling great and ready to enjoy the last days of the year.  Melvin had other plans.

The boys were out back playing find-it.  Melvin knows this game well.  He searches for treats I’ve hidden, finds one and moves on to find the next.  Jake is terrible at this game.  He stares at me the whole time, then when he hears Melvin crunching, he runs over to the exact place Melvin found a treat and looks around.  When he finds nothing, he stares at me with disgust.  Good times.

Jake looking in the same exact area Melvin just found a treat. IMG_1689 “Find it” my ass. IMG_1684

Melvin stopped in the middle of the game to take a #2 break and that break ended up taking an hour.  Only problem is, nothing came out.  He stayed crouched and suffering and I had no idea what was happening but after 45-minutes I had to go get the leash to walk him inside (still crouching) and take him to the vet.

Melvin has colitis (he has had this for several years).  The translation here is that we live our life at the opposite end of constipation with him.  At the vet they did an ultrasound and he was very ‘backed up’. Which is odd since he religiously goes once a day.  They gave him an enema (yes, stomach bug, migraine, dog enema, you are reading this right and yes, we live in Sexy Town) so they could take a better look.  They have not ruled out a hernia but for now, we are home and watching him.  I’ll take him back in to get another look at his digestive tract to see if there is actually a sluggishness about it or if this was just a late,  one-time-only, Christmas gift.

So happy new year to you!  Wishing you a year that is mostly the opposite of this update! Jake’s wheelchair has arrived so you can look forward to many more fun times from this blog in 2015!


8 thoughts on “Holiday Recap.

  1. The fun never ends, does it? I’m sorry for all the crap (really, no kidding) going on. It is no fun to spend any holiday sick and even worse when you have animals that want to get in on that attention getting thing by getting sick (or something, like eating a battery or rolling in goose poop. I have everyone is better soon!

  2. OK, you beat me for funky holidays. 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better, hope Melvin is better soon!
    Luckily all the critters & Mr. Man are good, I’ve been sick for over 2 weeks. Way to spend my vacation days!

  3. Ugh. So sorry for all the sickness and stress. Here’s hoping for a fabulous start to 2015! Love the wheelchair and can’t wait to see how Jake takes to it!

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