Wheel’s update.

We do Jake’s wheels everyday now.  Each day we add a few minutes.  Some days, he runs zoomies.  Some days, he stands more still than a statue, issuing me a death stare.

The key is getting him into the thing.  If it goes well, he’s great.  If I struggle, he retaliates.

The thing is, Jake’s body is SO weird.  The differential from his neck to his butt is huge.   Every few inches down the length of his body can vary in girth several inches from the previous two inches.  So the straight metal bars that run along his side, are a little snug in some areas (as they should be) so I can’t just back him in and then lift his legs in the loops.  We hit resistance.  And when that happens, it triggers the meatball factory to start production. My life is so glamorous.

Slowly but surely we are getting better at it each day and he still comes when I call him over to it so that’s a win.  We hope to leave the yard in it sometime in 2015!

One constant positive, Melvin doesn’t give two craps (pun intended)  about Jake’s wheels.  He refuses to move when Jake comes barreling towards him and Jake is quickly learning to make sharp turns to avoid ramming his brother.

IMG_1731 IMG_1730 IMG_1733

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