Kids and Melvin and Jake.

Melvin and Jake don’t do great with kids.  Melvin has no idea of how big he is and will barrel towards them with no sign of using his brakes.  He will also attempt to eat food out of their mouths. No one enjoys this.  After the initial excitement and feeding frenzy, they start to make him nervous. On the occasions kids are over,  I have trained him to get up and leave the room if a child’s energy or actions are stressing him out.  He ALWAYS takes advantage of this and I always make sure the child knows not to follow him.  Sometimes he just stays in a different room the whole time.

Jake is an ankle biter.  I guess it’s a Frenchie thing.  He has worn down teeth so it’s not a huge issue in terms of inflicting pain or damage but I also do not want him doing it.  If you ignore him upon walking in, he does not gnaw at you.  Adults can help with that training.  With kids, you can’t really say ‘he might bite your ankles but it won’t hurt!’ (I don’t want to give them nightmares or scar them forever!)  nor do I want Jake thinking he can put his tic-tac-teeth on anyone, so I either separate Jake from children or if they are dog friendly kids, we put the kids up high until Jake tires of their newness (takes about 5 min).  By then he could care less.  The only time he will keep going on the chase, is if the child is wearing a tutu.  Tutu’s drive him completely insane and he cannot be within ten miles of one. He goes into ‘must destruct the tutu’ and no child who is wearing a tutu is wearing it so that Jake will tear it off of them. Lesson learned, trust me.

My four-year-old niece came to stay with us this weekend.  (She was the victim of the tutu massacre a few years ago – she was fine, the tutu was not). To say Jake was enamored during this visit is an understatement.  He followed her around, snuggled her so hard and I could tell he was in love.  He cried when she was unreachable.


Can we keep her? IMG_1846 IMG_1841 IMG_1826

The best way to be sure Melvin won’t roll on top of her and to give him distance without denying him snuggle time.  IMG_1834

She even wore Jake on her shirt! (and she is not shy when the camera comes out). IMG_1818 IMG_1817

9 thoughts on “Kids and Melvin and Jake.

  1. So sweet! My dog stella would LOVE a little person to play with. She loves kids so much. There’s a pack of them at the end of our laneway every morning waiting for the school bus. She whines until I let her out to play. I think she wishes she could go on the bus too!

  2. So cute! Cooper is not so good with kids… his M.O. is to stand in front of them and bark in their face. Not good. Unfortunately, we don’t have tons of kids around to help us work on it, so I think your management technique might be our best bet!!

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