Bonded pair.

Max and Melvin never really bonded. They only had two months together. Max taught Melvin what he could and Melvin crashed into Max 4,356 times.Their story was short but sweet.  When Max died, Melvin did look for him, but I never sensed he felt a loss or was otherwise upset. I think he was more just curious.

Fast forward to today. Jake cries if Melvin leaves the room.

While Melvin does not outwardly show Jake an ounce of affection, he tolerates Jake with a level of patience that only comes with true love.

I’m tremendously happy that they are a bonded pair. It’s all I wanted. But then I think about fostering, about adding a 3rd dog. Is the balance something that should be protected or should it evolve?

I have no idea. But I think about it a lot. I’m approved to foster for the rescue group that I got Jake from. I’ve never been called up but since I’m type Super A, I have a plan ready. The only uncertainty is when, and what the hell will happen to the equilibrium. Then there are moments I see this (below) and think, wow, I want her.  No seriously, I really want her.  I mean for goodness sake, her name is Wigglebut! I look at her and all I see is love.


There was a balance when there was just Max.  But it came time to welcome a new dog and I upset the balance because I also committed to forming a new balance.  And there was a balance when there was just Melvin and despite Melvin and Jake not loving the other on their first meet and greet, I knew it could work, so we took it slow and now…

IMG_2078 IMG_1943

The balance is what we make of it.

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  1. Oscar whines when he is away from Lucy; but never the other way around. Fostering doesn’t seem to bother or affect their relationship. However, I always say I wouldn’t adopt a third because I am too worried that another permanent dog would somehow mess things up. Like you though, I am often tempted! 😉

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