Ruff and tumble.

The wheelchair issues are improving.  I’m much better at getting Jake into it anyways. Some days he will move around in it (still in an attempt to outrun it) and some days his (front) feet are firmly planted and he absolutely refuses to move.  He won’t even look at me and if he does, that singular eye could burn a hole into my soul.

Net, net:  he’s still getting used to is. It’s OK, we got nothing but time.

Exceeeeeeept for one small, teeny, tiny setback.  The other day, while he was in the cart in the backyard, on a session when he was actually moving a bit.  He rolled down the hill.  It was less rolling down and more rolling over.  I yelled in slow motion, ‘what’s happening?!’ and I have never seen his eyes get so big (I mean can you imagine them bigger)?!  I ran over and got him upright.  He stood there and if looks could kill, you’d be reading my obituary, not this post.  Suffice it to say I tried to get him to move again (getting back on the proverbial horse) but he was done.

I obviously have no video of that, but here is some video of him standing still.  I put treats all around him to encourage movement.  Nothing.  He is so flippen STUBBORN!  So now we go out back, in the cart, on-leash.  He is much more willing to move with what I’m assuming he considers to be, his safety tether.

6 thoughts on “Ruff and tumble.

  1. He’s SO DAMN CUTE!! I wish Pug was more cautious in his wheels. He goes down stairs, flips himself over, runs FULL speed without any hesitation. He’s a maniac. I respect Jake’s wariness of these wheels. In time he will get more used to them

  2. I like reading about Jake’s hot wheels update! I might have missed an earlier post, but I wonder if he’d be more responsive if you leash him while he’s in it–he’s so bonded to you perhaps it could help him adjust? Just a thought from another mama to a tres stubborn Frenchie (who just this morning planted himself, protest-style, in front of the coffee shop that hands out the treats, after getting two–I ended up having to carry him home 😉

    • hahahahhaahha! Yes, I am very aware of the ‘oh, it’s easier to carry you even though you weigh 33 pounds!’. I have now taken to leashing him, we are still in the yard phase so I was trying to give him freedom in it. But he needs training wheels for his wheels.

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