Who knew.

After the initial few minutes of shock, I asked the vet what caused the cancer. Was it something I did, how long had he had it, did I miss a sign. (In hindsight, I now know that some of the things I saw were not just him turning ten). She assured me that he was almost certainly genetically predisposed, he was likely always going to get it and it comes on so fast that most owners don’t even know the dog has it until they are gone. The dogs remain happy, bouncy and energetic, only showing some lethargy when the bleeds start. It’s almost impossible to ‘know’. If it’s possible to feel better at a moment like that, it did help.

But last night at 4 am, I realized the fact is, someone did know.IMG_2467 IMG_1738 IMG_2075 IMG_2273 IMG_0474 IMG_9784 IMG_2445 IMG_2449 IMG_2077 IMG_2209 IMG_2276 IMG_1943

All of these photos that I joked were Jake stalking Melvin, were taken in the last month or so.  Before that, although he loved on Melvin every chance he got, the photos were different, more of him snuggling with Melvin. These are much more Jake watching over Melvin. This is one of those moments I find happiness in.  Having lived a life where I am so in tune with Melvin, I’m so happy that the one time I didn’t get obvious early warnings, Jake stepped in.  Dogs don’t speak human, but I have no doubt that the two of them were leaning on each other, patiently waiting until the moment I caught up.

Brotherhood is spectacular! Do not see sadness in this post, see family at it’s finest.

PS. As for yesterday’s post…Thank You. For every comment, for every text, phone call, email and chat. Many of you who reached out have suffered unimaginable loss… mothers, fathers, spouses, children; I appreciate you taking the time to let this moment of mine stand for a minute with all the sad realities in life. I read each comment, paused and felt so incredibly grateful.

Melvin is doing well this morning and Jake is snoring.  It’s snowing like crazy outside so we are forced into a day of snuggling. Can’t ask for more in this moment.

25 thoughts on “Who knew.

  1. Wow! There is true beauty in those pictures. What amazing creatures dogs are. They never cease to amaze me.

  2. Incredibly wise and inspiring to see such love and beauty in a moment that some people would only consider tragic. Thank you for sharing the love and beauty!

  3. I still have not been able to finish yesterday’s post..I had tears streaming at work and knew I had to wait to finish, My heart was shattered for you guys. Today, my heart is warm and so full to see this sweet relationship..

  4. Bless them. Jake seems to be such a clown and character most of the time, but then you capture moments like these and realize what a kind and loving little brother he is too. These photos and this blog is a blessing that will give you something to treasure for years to come.
    My heart breaks for you and I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but know you’re not alone as we all if not have been faced with this (or something similar) or we will be at some point. It’s the cost of loving them so deeply and dearly.

    • Thank you! I feel in very good company on this blog! And as for Jake, in private moments, the look he has for Melvin (although I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to capture it on film) is one of the truest loves I’ve had the pleasure to experience. And Melvin loves Jake very much. No creature offers that much patience without a deep love behind it!

  5. Somehow, they always know. They might not always be willing to share space with each other, but they are there for one another. Always.

    • yes! and it’s funny, but I think they share a special space that is only theirs. I see it in glances and pauses and stolen kisses. makes my heart happy.

  6. As soon as I read the news, I immediately thought of that post with Jake sticking to Melvin like glue. They absolutely know, and it’s such a special bond. On another note, words can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m thinking of you and your little family right now. I feel like I know Melvin personally – I know we’ve often talked about how Rufus and Melvin have so many similarities. I know you’re going to be cherishing every single moment of his life, as you’ve always done. You are a magical momma and there’s no doubt that you two had a one in a million relationship! Hugs!

  7. Every day I look forward to reading what Melvin and Jake are doing. Yesterday rocked me – and I only met them once. They are amazing boys and you are lucky to have one another (I know you know this and I am stating the obvious). Sophie Stella and I send hugs to you. Thank you for including us in your journey.

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