The simple moments.

Because our oncologist appointment got cancelled due to snow, we don’t go until Tuesday. One week post diagnosis of a cancer who’s prognosis is given in days. Eternity.  So as worry and overwhelming thoughts take over and lack of sleep combined with so many answerless questions…well just insert lots of crying here.

Then yesterday I watched the boys hunker down for a nap together.  And I although I could have been sad that those moments are going to be few, I was actually filled with happiness and joy.  Because them snuggling up, we did that. We work at being a loving and happy family and not only was this moment I watched perfection, I had my phone with me, I pushed record and no one woke up. It was lovely.

Then all of sudden, Melvin lifts his arm up over Jake, I swoooooooooon!! PS: if you turn your volume up, Jake’s snoring should make you laugh (or at least smile!).

13 thoughts on “The simple moments.

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that you are working from home now and you’re there to catch moments like these? Things happen for a reason, and I am so happy that you are there for Melvin . . . and, of course, Jake.

  2. This warms the heart! Thanks for taking the time to share it. We are thinking about and sending good thoughts to you and Melvin and Jake. Rebecca & Sir Humphs

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