The kindness of many.

The outpouring of support for Melvin and I has been humbling.  From the comments on Facebook and the blog, to the private messages and emails, the texts and phones calls. We are truly blessed.  It is impossible to feel alone in this, we are surrounded by the best of all the people.

A few shout outs..

  • Chick’s person reaching out with complete empathy having gone several weeks thinking they had the same diagnosis.  I felt better knowing someone knew what I was feeling and she had great insight on dietary changes to implement.
  • Turk’s person, who is still dealing with her own grief, checking in daily.
  • Moby’s person, who knows all too well how hard a cancer diagnosis is, always reaching out at just the right moment
  • Kate, who when I asked if she could come snap some photos of Melvin and I, didn’t waste one minute, she showed up only days later
  • Another ‘Oh’ blog mom who is facing cancer with two of her dog reaching out to let me know she is here for me, so now we are here and there for each other.
  • Jenn, our soul blog/dog/mama being there, always.
  • Morgan, who doesn’t know it but her messages come in the exact moment i need a ‘ding’
  • Deb, who doesn’t pray, but prayed for us.
  • Jen, for sending support from the farthest away and always making it seem like she is right here.
  • For Mazzie’s person, giving me pep talks at midnight
  • and Kelly, for strategizing how she could help from three hours away.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  I can never, ever, thank you enough.

There are so many more, if I neglected to mention you, know that it’s due to my brain not functioning properly, not because I don’t feel you holding me up.  I most certainly do.

Our story of kindness of today: The vet called in a prescription to a local pharmacy and I went in the next day to pick it up. For some reason it didn’t get filled and they were all trying to find out why.  Finally a woman came up to me, and in a low voice said, “the prescription costs $320 and since it’s for a dog, we didn’t fill it because we didn’t know if you wanted to pay that much”.

I paused and thought HOLD THE TEARS IN, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST TALK NORMAL.  I said, “he’s nearing the end, so there is really no amount I won’t pay to make him comfortable“.  My voice cracked, tears filled my eyes.  She smiled, whispered she was sorry and said they’d fill it right away.  I stepped aside and about five minutes later the head pharmacist came out.  I now the head pharmacist because when you have migraines and a strange blood clotting disorder, you stand in line at the pharmacy A LOT.

She said, ‘every week you are here, smiling, asking us how we are doing.  It breaks our heart to hear about Melvin and to see you so sad.  We are going to pray for Melvin and for you.  And in the meantime, we had a coupon for the medication’.  She then handed me the bottle and sent me on my way.

No words.  Just deep gratitude for you all.

From this guy too. IMG_0882

And this guy, who just finished his shift at the meatball factory.  IMG_1918

24 thoughts on “The kindness of many.

  1. Oh this just warms my heart….and cry tears of sadness and joy. It’s amazing to see the dog lover community come together, when someone needs it. I think about you guys daily. I grew up with a yellow lab and he crossed the bridge at 14 when his back end quit working. Such amazing, loyal dogs. The bond you two have is just incredible and I know will only get stronger in the coming days. Hugs to you all. Have a great weekend with your boys!!

  2. It’s certainly been a triple whammy few weeks with the “Oh” crowd but I just love how this community pulls together for each other. Dog people are truly my favorite people.

  3. I am so happy that you have so much love and support through this tough time. You are a wonderful person and deserve every bit of it. We should start an emotional support group of us bloggers who are dealing with loss of our beloved pups. There are way too many right now! 🙁

  4. I am so very sorry you all are going through this. I have read your blog for years and think of your dogs as some who obviously wont the go lottery. I read somewhere that dogs only stay with us for a short time, compared to humans, because it doesn’t take them near as long as it takes us to figure out how to love unconditionally and be the light that we all try to be. I know that is likely little solace, but when I lost my 13 year old shih tzu a few years ago its the premise that kind of kept me going. And telling myself that every feeling of grief and sorrow is worth the time I had with him. I keep your family in my thoughts. I am off to hug my 11 year old lab very tight!!

    • They are with us for too short, but you are right, they make the absolute best of the time and they love wildly from day one. Thank you so much for reaching out and for following along.

  5. I’ve been hugging Lainey extra tight lately!
    If any of us learn anything from your experience, it’s that even though we all lead different lives….we are unified by our love for our 4-legged family members. I’m so glad you have a support system to ride this out with.
    I continue to think about you often and the prayers have not stopped. Hugs to you all!

  6. I love your blog ok to be honest I stalk your blog everyday. Your boys make me smile and I can just feel the love you have for them through the computer. I have two rescues and had to put my 15 1/2 yr old JRT, Jackson, to sleep two weeks ago and it literally broke my heart. He was my everything for 15 yrs and miss the little stinker to pieces. My heart breaks for you. Sending lots of hugs from TN.

    • Sarah, I’m so sorry you lost your sweet guy. They become such a part of every moment, I know how hard it is. I have appreciated and repeated the saying that, grief is the price we pay for great love. It helps me to remember that the pain stems from the best of all the love. Thinking of you, and thank you for following along. We LOVE stalkers!

  7. Wow, this post is NSFW. I’m a red eyed, teary mess searching for a kleenex box! The kindness of people is overwhelming. The community of “animal people” are the best on the planet and bring out the finest characteristics in human behaviour. My heart aches for you and the boys. Went through this nasty “c” with Hannah, my first dog, and understand what you’re going through. Sending huge hugs from Canada.

  8. I’m so glad that you are finding so much kindness in this journey. I’ve been on this road and it’s the thing I try to remember instead of the sadness. I’m over here thinking of you and sending peaceful love your way. Through your posts, I have fallen so in love with Melvin and Jake. And you. I am so sorry that this is happening to your family.

  9. we love sweet Melvin and jake so much. What a beautiful story – such kindness. Melvin has a way of bringing out the very best in people 🙂 My thoughts and prayers are with you and your two little angels xoxoxo

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