Monday with Jake.

Yo.  It’s Jake, remember me?  With all that is going on with Melvin I was worried you may have forgotten the ‘yo Jake’ part of this blog.

So my brother smells sad, and I guess she can smell it now too cause it makes her eyes drip.  Normally if she gets on the floor with us I’m charging her so I can get a good spot on her lap, but lately I have been giving her and my brother time alone.  It seems important to her and that makes it important to me.  In return, she has been letting me come up on the big bed at night so I have some time with my brother too.  It’s been awesome to fall asleep next to him!  Although oddly, each morning I wake up in my own bed.  Maybe it’s a dream.


It’s not all sad.  Apparently Melvin needs to eat more so that means I get to eat more too! She says there is a diet in my future!  What is a diet? Is it delicious?  I can’t wait!

I’ve been training as a gymnast lately.  I can do full splits with my back legs! Sometimes I do a jazz split to mix up my routine. I still have not mastered getting out of the splits though, must need to work my core more.  I hope I get a leotard, I’d look so hot in a leotard.


Anyway, just wanted you to know that I’m holding down the fort over here.  And she still carves out time for me each day.  I’ve been going on my own walks in my stroller, I rule this hood like a boss.  She says just wait til I take to streets on my other wheels, I think she got me a motorcycle!  I am such a badass.

Over and out, Jake (the best little bro ever. modest too.)

IMG_1709 PS.  She said to mention that she is working the Pet Expo this weekend in Chantilly, VA.  If any of you are local, stop by the French Bulldog Rescue booth, she might be there.  I apparently will not be there since I am a menace to other dogs. Whatever.

11 thoughts on “Monday with Jake.

  1. He is the best brother!

    Over two months later Teddy still spends most of the afternoon on the futon when Mr B napped; I refuse to watch the blanket. And every day when the spouse gets home from work Teddy runs to the door, I assume hoping B will be coming back, then turns around and leaves the room. Spouse doesn’t think that will ever stop 🙁

    • There are so many times that I wish they could talk to us, or us to them. Never more than during these times. It’s hard enough on us, but at least we know why they are not there. I think of you guys all the time, hoping that time is being gentle on your grief.

      • You can talk to them . They understand more than people give them credit for. They also love when you just talk to them like you were talking to another person. I live alone and talk to my dogs all the time. I think that is why I don’t have so many dog problems with them because I do talk to them.I talked to BabyGirl about Felix after he passed and she was missing him. I think it helped her because her mournful cries are very rare now.

  2. Aww thanks for the sweet, I mean tough guy post Jake! You are a cool big bro like no other.

    And are you wearing a collar with delicious frogs on it? Do you try to munch on it and scare ’em? Is Mama hoping you’ll stop chasing the froggies outside?

    Hugs to you all!
    Rebecca & Sir Humphs

    PS Leotard? Promise!!

  3. I haven’t been reading your blog for very long (which is very silly of me I know! Haha) but my heart sank reading your recent posts. I haven’t known what to say really, if anything at all, but I think it’s fitting that I say something on this one, as Jake has been in my thoughts just as much as you and Melvin. It’s just one of those times when you just wish you could tell what they’re thinking, but I think you’ve summed it up well here 🙂

  4. I lost it at “my brother smells sad” but i had a teary smile when i think of Jake in a leotard. Oh its sad all i can do is wish you all the best of times together

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