The blog turns 4 today!

Today marks the 4th year of blogging on Oh Melvin (the yo Jake part came later!).  I am fairly certain that no one read my first post and I was totally fine with that.  Writing is my happy place, it’s how I decompress.  It makes me a better person, a calmer being, it brings me happiness.

Melvin was (and still is) my inspiration for this blog.  As the years have passed, Jake has provided his fair share of drama and humor (and meatballs).  As we move forward, it will still be a blog about Melvin & Jake, even if Jake stories start to take center stage. Melvin will always be an inspiration for us and I have no doubt that writing this blog will get us through the tougher days ahead.

But for today, four years is pretty fricken cool! Yay us! And both boys are laying at my feet as I type this so hot damn if we don’t have it all!!!!


22 thoughts on “The blog turns 4 today!

  1. Happy Blog-iversary! Aww, don’t those two look so cozy! And I’m sure I’m one of many who discovered your blog later and went back and read every entry, including that first post! Sir Humphries sends his signature “paw-pump” to you and your crew!

  2. Happy 4 years! I actually did go back and read every single blog a few nights ago while Melvin was on my mind. Here’s to many more blog years!

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