Love can drive you bonkers.

The quick update is, there is a lot of almost nothing going on with Melvin. The a lot part is that I’m consumed with worry and the uncertainty weighs heavy but we are making the most of every nanosecond. The almost nothing part is that, he is for the most part, the same. Much skinnier, and some discomfort, but pretty much the same. For that, I’m grateful. I will carry that load. Jake’s legs are super wonky lately and even trying to get his diaper on (with legs that drop during the process) could drive someone to need call the Betty Ford Clinic. I wonder if they deliver (ABC not Betty Ford).

I’d sum up the daily feeling as: gratefully exhausted.

Since sleep eludes me, I have had plenty of time to know what it is like to be a vampire come up with new decorating ideas. Like I decided we don’t need a dining room. We have a large table in the main kitchen/dining/living room so the other, more sectioned off dining room usually goes unused.  OK fine, it has never been used, not even once.  So I turned it into a lounge.  In doing that, the china had to be moved from the sideboard (that I was selling) to the kitchen.  I decided to put the pieces on the top shelf of the cabinets. I went to stand up on the stool and cracked my head on the wooden range hood and then hit my head on the granite island as I was falling off the stool.  Just thinking of the pain, even a week later, makes me cringe. There was nothing adorable about the fall. I think the dogs were even embarrassed for me.

When you are on blood thinners for a strange blood clotting condition, you are told OVER and OVER and OVER, head injuries can be very serious.  I called the hematologist who promptly told me to call 911.  I’m not one for drama (and logical thinking has gone out the window) so I just drove myself.  I said my new normal good-bye to Melvin (with tears) and headed over to the ER (which luckily is only one mile from our house).

Important to note here that I have installed cameras in the house so I can keep an eye on Melvin when I am not home.  Despite there being cameras everywhere, he is rarely on any of them. I swear he may be in witness protection.  So at the ER, as I was trying to find him on camera, and they were making me go get the CT without my phone, or trying to do head injury tests, I was pretty focused (dizzily) on WHY MELVIN WAS NOT ON CAMERA.  I mean common universe, work with me.

They said I had a concussion and due to the blood thinners they wanted to keep an eye on me for a little while.  To that I said: “no can do.  My dog is dying and is currently not on camera and I need to get home and check on him immediately’ (note, I have about 40 billion people who could and would have gone over to check on Melvin but for some reason the head injury was turning me into a CRAZY PERSON (yeah right, the head injury)).  The doctors and nurses just looked at me, trying to decipher what I was babbling about, and I high tailed it out of there before they could put a mental safety hold on me. I may or may not have still been wearing the hospital gown.

Love can drive you mad.

Here is the lounge, the only things that are new are the chairs.  The other stuff I had elsewhere or was already in the room. It turns out Melvin loves to lounge on these chairs so that makes it all worth it, and Jake really likes chewing the rug, so…IMG_3442 IMG_3444 IMG_3447

16 thoughts on “Love can drive you bonkers.

  1. So elegant and sophisticated! I’m sure your cameras will spot me sneaking in that room just to hang out with Melvin and Jake.

    • So true! By the way, I am a member of the Hemangiosarcoma group on Facebook and your post about your brother’s dog was shared by someone last week. It really touched a lot of people.

  2. OMG, so glad you and the boys are OK! I cringe just thinking about it too.
    Love the lounge, so swanky! You are either crazy or my hero for the white chairs with dogs. 🙂

    Pretty sure your boys are better behaved than ours though. Duke had the crazies yesterday & decided to seriously F@#$ Up the 90 year old woodwork around & including the kitchen door. We’re debating whether we want to go back to Dog Forts, aka crates.

    Hugs to you & the boys! <3

  3. Was it wrong I spent more time looking at what your favorite beverages are than your new furniture??? (Glad you’re ok! <3)

  4. I would have SO been the same way at the ER. My husband and I were in Chattanooga – about two hours from where I live in Nashville – when I had my first (and thank God only) kidney stone “episode” which was so awful I swore I dying the most horrible, painful death ever. But there was no way I was going to the ER in Chattanooga because if I was dying there was no way that was going to happen 2 hours from my Girls. My Girls were home with a babysitter (yes, I’m that mom who hires a babysitter for her dogs so she can make a day trip to the Chattanooga aquarium) so dying or not I made my husband drive me to a Nashville hospital. Much to my relief I was not and did not die, but I totally understand how you felt. No matter our ailment, a mom must get home to her babies 🙂

  5. Soooo not crazy! I worked in a boarding facility that had cameras in each suite, and I used to consistently “check up on” these dogs that WEREN’T EVEN MINE! Just to make sure they were okay 🙂 So definitely no judgment here!

    I have to know: Is your grey/silver statement wall stencils or wallpaper? It’s gorgeous!

  6. Dogs were embarrassed for you! hahahahahaha I can just picture Melvin shaking his head and saying to Jake,,,,”,Dude did you just see that? Should we check and see if shes ok” 🙂 Glad everyone is ok

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