Which puppy is Jake?

Most of us who rescue don’t get to know what our fur-babies look like as puppies.  I once bought a frame with a yellow lab photo in it because I was convinced that it was what Melvin looked like as a puppy.  As for Jake, well I acquired a photo of him and his litter mate.

So I put this photo up on FB and I asked our followers to pick which one they thought was Jake:IMG_4021

The answer is:  I’m not sure!  One of these dogs is Jake, his name and birthdate are  on the back of the photo.  But since I can’t talk to his original owner I don’t know for sure (although my guess is below!).  As for the Facebook drawing, you know we are nothing if not fair so there was ALWAYS going to be two drawings for two collar winners – from those who said left and right! Winner names are at the end of the post!

But as the person who stares at him most, and the person who has studied this photo for a ridiculously long time I will tell you that at first I was certain he was the one on the left.  But now, I’m almost positive he is on the right.  Here is why:

  • Jake is adorably special.  But prior to his wonky legs issue, he was just a giant, manly, French Bulldog (with googly eyes).  I mean he’s about 13 pounds bigger than the average Frenchie.
  • You can’t tell without blowing the photo up a little but both dogs are googly wall-eyed.
  • As far as I can tell, and I am not a tongue expert so who knows, but Jake’s tongue is not (currently) forked
  • The biggest indication that Jake is likely the dog on the right is the center white marking above their noses.  Even though Jake’s face has scrunched down over the years, his center marking is much more in line with the dog on the right.



But then again, who knows!  I just know that one of them is Jake and that is more than enough to make me squeal with delight! The left guess winner is Morgan Rivera and the right guess winner is Patty Smith DeFee! Collar winners, you can either PM me your email address on Facebook or you can email it to me at: ohmelvinyojake@gmail.com and I’ll get your Sirius Republic gift certs over to you!

Have a great day!!!

8 thoughts on “Which puppy is Jake?

  1. I guessed the one on the right, and I feel even more certain now with the comparison! It’s funny – I haven’t been following your blog that long and I didn’t compare photos, but it was the expression on the puppy on the right’s face that made me think it was definitely Jake. I didn’t realize that the markings would scrunch down! I would so love to a puppy photo of my girls – I have never had my own dog as a puppy. Ruby was adopted at the youngest age – 9 months.

    • Great deductive reasoning! I know… the puppy photo part is up there with their elusive past. The funny thing is, I’m not a puppy person, the only thing I want from the puppy years is the picture! Thanks for following along!

  2. SQUEEE!! I would have said left, but I see right after your comments! You’re so lucky! I saw a young pitbull that I am convinced was one of Tessie’s pups before I got her and I wanted to take a photo so bad!

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