Jake and the beach. Planning phase.

We have been going to a beach in South Carolina almost all my life (to either my grandparents condo, our old house and now our new house). When we go down (as a family), some of us drive and some fly. The dogs (Max, Melvin, or Jake – and my sister’s dogs) have never gone. Melvin’s allergies were too severe to spend a week with kids (who adorably drop food and should be allowed to have Oreos smashed around their fingers and mouth). While I always miss the boys when I’m there, I’m also so happy to be around the family that it all balances out.

Of course when I leave for any trip I must leave 45 pages of detailed instructions for every thing that will never happen might come up. Prepping to leave the dogs is emotionally difficult but also, the planning part alone can make me need a vacation.

This weekend, as I was preparing to take Jake with me, I realized that packing for him is WAY harder than leaving him. WAY, WAY, WAY harder. Jake has more stuff than I do. Diapers, diaper rash ointment, baby powder, bath supplies, food, medicine, medicine that he might need, medicine that he will never need but I need to have peace of mind so it’s coming, his GIANT stroller, leashes, mattress pads (plural!), puppy pads for under the mattress pads, beds, natures miracle, his life vest, his cooling jacket, treats, Kongs, toys, pumpkin, car seat…the list goes on. I now realize that had I ever decided to take the dogs, there would have been no room in the car for both of them and their stuff.

Taking Jake brings on a whole new set of challenges.  The longest I have been in the car with him is 3 hours.  This trip is about 7-8 hours.  I’m driving down on my own and meeting folks down there so I had to come up with a plan of how to take bathroom breaks with Jake.  I can leave my car running and take the key with me so he will be comfortable at 70 degrees with the AC but I have visions of people seeing Jake in the car and either wanting to steal him (don’t forget all his stuff when you grab him!) or breaking the window to save him (not realizing the car is running) (something I would totally do).  There is also getting to the beach house, a house he has never been to and having to leave him to run to the grocery store.  And keeping him cool.  And keeping the house pee and meatball free. I’m exhausted already!

But all this stuff aside, the full car, the fact that I probably won’t get to pee for 8 hours, the fact that he will 100% go into meatball production when it’s impossible to pull over… I’m so excited to be going on this adventure with him.  I planned this trip as we were losing Melvin.  I knew that we needed some time in our house to mourn our guy.  If we left right after we lost him, we’d both be so heartbroken to return home to not find him here.  So we stayed and we worked through the pain of him not being here anymore and now we are going on at trip that signifies our new journey.  We are going on a trip for me and Jake and while Melvin won’t be there visually, he is with us always.  Woven into the fabric of who we are.

Our first big step forward.  It’s going to be good. Stay tuned for highlights… some of the people we are bringing along, well you probably know some (or all) of them!

Jake got a new race car collar and diaper for the trip (Sirius Republic reigns supreme!). IMG_4119 This is just ONE of Jake’s three bags. IMG_4118

20 thoughts on “Jake and the beach. Planning phase.

  1. You (and Jake) are going to have so much fun! Allow yourself to relax and enjoy your surroundings and your company. Safe travels…..

  2. OMG! Lady you crack me up with the big bag (along with two more). I totally know what you mean about their stuff. Hope you guys have an awesome (pawsome) adventure!!

  3. I travel with mine ALL THE TIME. Here’s how you handle the peeing: Park in a shady spot and have a whiteboard with you. (Seriously.) Write on the whiteboard, “I went to the bathroom at ________. I will be right back. I left the AC running. I promise Jake is ok,” before you leave home and put the whiteboard in the window if you have to leave the car. Go in, pee, come right back. If you’re on a mission, it takes less than 2 minutes, honestly. No one will even notice you left the dog in the car before you get back.

  4. I love it! We take our 3 girls (50, 60 and 80 pound girls 🙂 to the beach every summer and it’s a 8 hour drive so I know your pain! They don’t have to have quite as much stuff, but it’s a haul 🙂 It’s totally worth it to have them there with you and not having to worry if something goes wrong. I mean Mommy is right there! Please take lots of pictures as I’m sure Jake is in for some real adventures 🙂

  5. Have a wonderful new journey! I love your blog!
    Our dog Ninja wears diapers as well. We call them diapies… Can I ask what diaper ointment you use for Jake? Do you just get ones for tiny humans?
    I wish you a smooth travel.

    • I just said ‘diapies’ with a british accent for some reason!!! Love it! We use A&D ointment (our vet suggested it). Jake can’t reach to lick there, they are not supped to eat it, but it doesn’t matter if you put it on then put the diapie on. I have found that sprinkling baby powder in the diaper regularly helps also.

  6. Have so, so much fun!! For the peeing thing – I never in my life could go that long without… going – I saw someone suggested on Facebook to make a sign to put in the car window that says, basically, “I’m fine. My owner’s just peeing, and the AC is running.” It could help? Truthfully, though, when Emmett and I drove from Louisiana to Manhattan and back, I had to stop a zillion times. I left the car running and locked (used my keypad) and never had a problem!

    • Louisiana to Manhattan?!!!!!!! That makes me want to cry! Jake did TERRIBLE! He hyperventilated for 5 hours straight. Suffice it to say I now know I can go a full 8 hours without peeing! My only goal was getting him here quickly.

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