My collection (and heart) is complete.

I make no secret about the fact that I love Yellow Brick Home pet portraits.  I love them more than wine and shoes combined.  True story.

It all started with our first painting. The one of the boys, from my viewpoint (me looking down and them looking up).  My dynamic duo, forever together on hot pink.


Then came Melvin’s portrait, earlier this year.  Commissioned prior to the cancer diagnosis but arriving before we lost him. I had one request: capture his Eeyore face. Kim nailed it (doy).  I hold this painting, clutched to my chest, daily. The happiest sad-face I’ve ever loved.


After Melvin died, I knew I needed to complete the collection.  When you lose something so great, you create balance wherever possible.  So I ordered a YBH painting of Jake. When talking to Kim, I tried to explain to her that since losing Melvin, there was a vulnerability in Jake’s eyes. I said maybe she’d see, maybe she’d think I’m cray.

Well, I can confirm that she saw it.  This painting, those eyes, it’s there. She captured my little monkey; a guy who lost his life partner, but is learning to find his own way.holupka-jake-scan

And where to put these treasures?  That was easy. Although Melvin can no longer greet me at the door, the moment I walk into the house, I’m reminded of my little family in other ways.

IMG_5091If you have one (or more) of these paintings, you know.  If you HAVE YET TO ORDER ONE,  what are you waiting for???  Go!

8 thoughts on “My collection (and heart) is complete.

  1. The FW Pit Bull Coalition is the YBH rescue partner this quarter, so I (finally) ordered my painting. I’m so giddy with excitement because I’m so sure that this is going to be off the hook fantastic. 🙂

  2. I love love love her work! I had portraits done of Widget and my horse, Stash. Within a month of acquiring horse #2, we ordered a portrait of him too, so now my little collection is complete…the 3 portraits sit on a shelf in my kitchen…and there are prints of the 3 portraits on my office wall at work 🙂

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