Jake’s new ride

Some of you will recall that Jake got a buggy about a year-and-a-half ago.  It was his mean-green-hood-machine.

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There were a few things wrong with that version of the stroller.  One, despite it saying it fit a dog 50lbs or less – Jake was pretty tight in there.  He could not lay down in it which was tough on long walks. Also, those wheels were not engineered for a dog built like a boulder Jake.

The biggest issue was that after 18 months of Jake, It was just a giant-green-pee-stink-machine.  It gets much funkier during the summer heat. No thank you.

So I upgraded us all.

IMG_5032 IMG_5031


Of course I never fully think through anything when it comes to online shopping. I just see the ‘buy’ button and click away! But Big-Red does not fit in my SUV (well I guess it would fit but then Jake wouldn’t fit…). So now I am getting Green-Machine de-peed so it can be our travel buggy.

Life with Jake, a series of problems, solutions and pee.

Just a sidenote:  There are very few things as funny as seeing people on the path, they think it’s a kid buggy and then all of a sudden I click and treat.  The look on their faces is pure: WHY IS SHE CLICKER TRAINING HER CHILD?  IS THAT A THING NOW?

11 thoughts on “Jake’s new ride

  1. I think more people SHOULD clicker train their children 🙂 I still need to get a better buggy for Boney…but we’ll wait until fall when it’s not as hot and he actually wants to go outside.

  2. Speaking of his wheels, how is he doing with the wheelchair set up? Did you guys give up on getting him used to it, or how is it going?

    • I need to post on it! He still has the wheelchair. Jake is ridiculously temperature sensitive so five min in his wheelchair outside in the summer and he is hyperventilating. We continue to do his five to ten minutes and will work up to walks in the fall. The doctors want him to use his legs as much as possible while he still can so the wheelchair is a ‘one day’ thing and keeping him used to it is just good training!

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