Eye am worried.

Jake went to the vet on Tuesday.  He goes monthly (sometimes more).  He got a bath, a legs check, a look at a rash (staph (diaper issue), got antibiotics), blood work and a look over.  Eyes, ears, heart, etc.

Wednesday I noticed his eyes were bloodshot.  This is not a new thing except his eyes are usually only bloodshot when he is stressed, which he was not.  Luckily, we had his therapist (laser therapy and B12 acupuncture) coming at noon.  I asked her to look at his eyes.

She looked and said, he needs to go to the vet right away.  He has an ulcer and it’s big.  It’s an emergency. Yep, sounds about right.

When you love your vet, you are willing to drive 45 min one way.  When you love your dog, you will do this day after day if need be.

His eyes were fine on Tuesday, I spoke to the vet that saw him (not our normal vet) and on Wednesday he had an ulcer in each eye, and one was very deep.  He also had edema and  vascularization.  How does this happen overnight? We have eye drops and a cone. He goes back on Saturday.  If the ulcers change at all or grow or start oozing liquid, we are to go to the ER vet immediately for emergency surgery.  He could lose an eye over this.

When I was told Melvin would lose his tail, I was heartbroken.  His wildly wagging tail was the barometer of his unending joy.  That tail defined his purpose. It had become a visual I counted on. (Not to mention I was convinced he would not be able to communicate in the dog world or that by not having it, he’d miss out somehow).  But then I realized, his nubbin wagged and that even if it didn’t, his joy was palpable. Tails are sometimes overrated.

Eyes are not overrated. I do not want Jake to lose more than he has already loss.  Partly because his googly eyes are something I stare into daily and they connect us in a way that I can’t explain.  But mostly because he has enough challenges, and I am still pretty sure he can see Melvin with his magical eyes. But if he does lose it, if this does not go in our favor, we will figure it out.  It is what we do.

Poor thing is in pain.  He can barely walk on his own let alone with a cone weighing him down.  He’s the most ‘special’ dog I have ever seen.

He fell asleep sitting up.  Rough day. IMG_5186

Is anyone shocked that I have a cone collection for ‘just in case’?

IMG_5194 IMG_5195 IMG_5201

He got to sleep with mom last night.  I put down 45,000 blankets to catch pee and meatballs. He flopped down like that pretty dramatically after his eye drops.  Giving Jake eye drops is like wrestling an alligator with  your hands and legs tied behind you. I also had to put a diaper on him just to do eye drops because he tried to pee on me. True love. IMG_5205

Today is not much happier. IMG_5209

29 thoughts on “Eye am worried.

  1. Oh Jake!! I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that your eyes heal. Dont follow in Pugs footsteps!

  2. On one hand, I just want to throw my arms up to the Universe and ask, “What more do these two need to endure?” But then, I know the answer is nothing more than what they can handle. You are the perfect guardian for Jake and I think he for you. You are a caregiver and you’ve found exactly the perfect dog(s) with whom to share your love and your life.

    PS I’ve been thinking about getting one of those “donut cones.” What is your opinion of them?

    • Yeah, we don’t get to have a say so we just have to roll with it! The donut cone is ok for night, if you can keep and eye on them but for Jake’s issue he can still get a to corner of furniture and scratch his eye so it’s not ideal. I think he could also get to all four legs.

      • That was what I was wondering. Ray figured out how to pretend he was cuddling up to me but really just using me as leverage to bend his cone and lick his leg.

  3. Oh, goodness – poor Jake! We had a long and arduous ocular ordeal this spring. Boca had a non-healing corneal ulcer and ended up having a pretty involved eye surgery (conjunctival graft). Eye issues seem particularly worrisome and I hope Jake is fixed up soon.

  4. Oh that sweet boy… You are both in my thoughts. I’m sending thoughts of love and healing out to you. I know that it’s so unfair that he has so much going on, but that boy made it to the right home. You have the biggest, most loving heart. Thank you so much for sharing Jake and Melvin with us.

    I had a dog with kidney disease and she peed in her sleep. But she still wanted to sleep with me. Soo.. there was a waterproof mattress cover, then a mattress pad, then another waterproof mattress cover and then a big poofy mattress pad then the sheet. and I washed a load of this stuff every day. I had two sets of every pad. It was worth it as I didn’t have her very long. Now I have an elderly girl and sometimes she is just too tired (lazy) to get off the bed during the day and I come home to a wet bed. My mattress is unscathed thank goodness. We just won’t talk about the times I woke up wet though. 🙂

    • You are amazing! Isn’t it funny the lengths we go for the pee, and we talk about it like it’s nothing and other people look at us like we are crazy or that it takes ‘all that we have to do it’. It’s just love!

  5. I look forward to your blog EVERYDAY!! Its the first thing I do. You make me smile (and cry) but give me enthusiasm and hope!!!! Prayers for you and Jake 🙂

  6. Oh Tracey! I am praying for that sweet boy, with those deep loving eyes. Went thru this with my Lacey she got used to the drops overtime as well as her diabetic shots. I pray that he will keep his eyes. I remember when I had cancer and laughed with a friend of mine about getting my body parts removed. I said cut off whatever needs cutting off. I will be a stub in a chair if need be. At least I will still be me and loved by so many! Jake is loved by so many!

  7. Oh Jake…I was so scared!! I’m glad it’s just your eye!! I mean ya your eye is a huge deal but I was so scared it was worse, way worse! Everything will be okay, momma will be ther to help you if needed!! And for now you are in my prayers and my positive thoughts. I love you Jake! And Tracey my thoughts go out to you! It’s so hard to deal with these things but your a strong woman and you’ve got this! Love to you both!!

  8. We’ve got paws and fingers crossed that everything goes well and Jake and his googly eyes are all better soon! Sending love and good thoughts. ~Tanya, Willie and Moo~

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