Jake and the hunt.

I don’t hunt.  I don’t get the appeal but I know there are those who have a passion for it. Like Jake.

Jake and I were in the backyard the other day.  He was wobbling around in the grass and i was hosing off the patio.  All of a sudden I heard a scuffle.  I went to the grass and saw Jake — FULL ON TAKING CHASE OF SOMETHING. I mean it was like his guardian angel (Melvin) arranged for him to have speed and he was, in his own glorious-wonky-way, on the heels of a chipmunk!  I love Jake but that chipmunk must have been embarrassed as hell that Jake was able to remain on his tail (even after wiping out a few times).  I started yelling ‘GET’EM JAKE, GET THAT INTRUDER’ (really loudly and passionately and I scared myself a little). Eventually Jake’s legs lost their heavenly sent power and the chipmunk got away.

I went over and helped Jake up and I high-fived his efforts. I had to go get cheese just to get him to let the chase go and come back inside.

We limit Jake’s hunting to the back yard. And since I cannot stand the chipmunks that are wreaking havoc on my yard and patio, if Jake were to catch one, I’d squeal with delight.  Sorry Alvin and brothers, but you come into Jake’s house yard, you are dinner.   He’s gonna eat you.

After he got back inside, he moaned to go back out, while also full on hyperventilating from the heat.  Oh, Jake.

Here is the hunter, in his monkey diaper. Resting up for the next outing.


7 thoughts on “Jake and the hunt.

  1. Great job Jake!!…I know your brother Melvin is so proud of you!! You will get that silly chipmunk next time!! Love you little buddy!! 💋💋💋🐾

  2. Our jack russell is a hunter and he is fast (and persistent). We have had to leave him outside before because he will NOT give up the hunt as long as he knows the critter, frog, bird, bunny, leaf, stick (whatever it may be) is out of sight and 2 yards over.
    Our pittie girl Lainey “thinks” she is a hunter, but is too oblivious to ever catch anything. On more than one occasion in the past couple weeks the chipmunks have outsmarted her. One chipmunk was on the rail of the fence and while she was trying to figure out how to get at it, the chipmunk jumped off right onto her back….Hit the ground and started running. She never even knew what happened. And the other night there was a chipmunk in the wood pile and while she was busy sniffing at the top logs, the chipmunk ran out from beneath, under her legs and got away. The whole while she continued her hunt totally oblivious to his escape.

    • Omg, your Jack Russell is my Jake and your Lainey is just like Melvin was! Love it! Oh, now that Jake has seen the chipmunk, he will assume it is out there until he gets it!

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