The weekend.

We love us a good long weekend!  We had a house guest this weekend, of the 5-year-old-niece variety.  We have not had that much exuberance in the house since Melvin was here so it was fun to see her running zoomies and bouncing off of things. Also, Jake loves Maddy, he leans into her like he leans into no other (this might have something to do with her love of Oreos).

I worked with her to help her understand that Melvin is in heaven now and answer questions (why, why, why, why) that she had about that. Why he was there, why he couldn’t come back, that she wished he could come back (me too sister!!). The importance here is that, it’s pretty obvious Melvin is not in the house so she needed answers and also, one of her dogs has cancer so this is something that will help her in the next few months.

Maddy is a song-and-dance-firecracker, she will dance if she hears any music, anywhere and she will break into song (original songs that she makes up on the fly) throughout the day and night.  A lot of this weekends songs were about Melvin, sweet songs about him being a beautiful angel or watching over her or helping Jesus (she heard me, yay!).  But there was one song that she sang (and it was so heartfelt that it was impossible not to laugh hysterically (silently of course))….

Melvin’s in heaven with Jesus, We really miss him so much.  TT (that’s me) only has one dog left, if Jake dies she’ll be all alone.

I mean, life through the eyes (and song) of a five-year-old, brilliant!  I of course assured her that Jake was not going to die (even though his eye started spurting blood while she was here and she claimed it might be Jesus calling him to heaven) and that if he did die, I wouldn’t be alone to which she said, ‘well you will have people, but all your dogs would be dead’.

I love her!

She was very amused by Jake’s love of destroying stuffies.  “Destroy another!”IMG_5541 There was quality fairy time. IMG_5567 Jake started drooling excessively when she ate an apple and she proclaimed ‘what’s wrong with his mouth? It’s leaking!’ IMG_5570

This was a dramatic reenactment of ‘fairy is dancing so dog needs cone to protect bionic eye’. IMG_5569

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  1. How great are kids? When my granddaughter was 4 and 5 she was always coming at me with “When you die..” statements. Even at 10 she recently told her mother that she needed to visit me that weekend because I’m old and could die soon. I’m 56!!!! Your niece sure is great about handling life’s messiness with calmness.

  2. “Whats wrong with his mouth?” hahahahahaha Funny story….went to a xmas party and had key lime pie that made everyones mouth water…LITERALLY. When I read” Whats wrong with his mouth”, it brought the image of everyone at the table looking at each other wondering why we were all drooling!? Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  3. She is so beautiful and vibrant. You both are so blessed to have each other. Jake is blessed to have had an exciting weekend!

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